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Beach Rental Business Name Ideas:


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1. Shady & Sons

A catchy name that conveys creativity and professionalism. "Sons" is a good name for a family-owned umbrella rental brand because it sounds like "suns," which honors your love for deep connections and summer. Your beach rental service's specialty is symbolized by the addition of the word "Shady."

2. Just Breeze

Beaches are synonymous with holidays and relaxation, where we're often told to "just breathe" and let go of our troubles. This smart name effectively captures this message. The term "Breeze," an evocative choice that sounds like a call to action, is suggestive of a creative and approachable brand.

3. Sunset Rental Co.

A refined business name that would be ideal for a beach house rental agency. "Sunset" evokes images of magnificent orange and pink skies seen from the veranda of a lavish beach house, while "Rental" refers to your company's services. The inclusion of "Co." adds to the professionalism of the name.

4. Brella

If you want a memorable name that would look great on umbrella labels and other branded items, "Brella" is the perfect choice. A short and sweet brand name offers plenty of business expansion opportunities and you'll find it easier to market both online and through word-of-mouth advertising.

5. Bunker Beach Rentals

This memorable name will certainly draw the right attention if you cater to fishermen or surfers looking to house their equipment. "Bunker" hints at ample storage and promises that you've got everything secured, while "Beach Rentals" highlights your business's location and the services you offer.

6. Oasis Tents

"Oasis" is a calming term that transports the customer to relaxing summers — a clever marketing strategy. "Tents" could refer to beach tents or large umbrellas, both of which might appeal to vacationing families. You'll have a winning name if you pair it with a cool color scheme and a tropical icon.

7. The Umbrella Room

This professional but imaginative name has a hint of mystery to it, which will grab customers' interest and make them want to discover more about your brand. The word "Umbrella" emphasizes your company's specialization, while "Room" modernizes the name and helps customers visualize your location.

8. Fold-Up Faves

The alliteration in this name adds character and will aid in brand recognition. "Fold-Up" could refer to fold-up chairs, umbrellas, or loungers, all of which promise versatility and a wide range of products. "Faves" helps modernize the name, suiting a brand that caters to a trendy target market.

9. Bedrock Breeze

If your beach rental business is situated near rocky beaches, you'll find this name perfect for marketing. The repeated "B" sound is catchy and a joy to say aloud. "Bedrock" could also be great for advertising your beach loungers or beach house, while "Breeze" adds to the welcoming feel of the name.

10. The Sunset Emporium

A company that wants to communicate variety and versatility will enjoy marketing this sophisticated name. "Sunset" conjures up beautiful sunsets and leaves plenty of room for branding ideas, while "Emporium" commands attention and hints at a large variety of beach rental accessories and equipment.

Vacation Rental Business Names

Memorable names for your vacation rental business.

More Beach Rental Business Name Ideas:

Good Beach Rental Business Names:

  • The Sunrise Seat.
  • Tropicana Umbrellas.
  • My Comfy Bay.
  • Kites & Buckets.
  • Seashell Leasing.

Clever Beach Rental Business Names:

  • The Seabrella.
  • Sitting Wave.
  • Kiosk Vacation.
  • Lovable Lido.
  • The Kayak Mansion.

Catchy Beach Rental Business Names:

  • Sardine's Coast Rentals.
  • Hire And Swim.
  • SunLease Inn.
  • Towel of Sun.
  • Goggle Squad Rentals.


How do I come up with a smart beach rental business name?

  1. Consider your target market and the type of products you'll be renting out.
  2. Research the market and your competitors to identify keywords associated with your brand and industry.
  3. Feed these keywords to a business name generator to come up with original name ideas.
  4. Choose your top five names and ask trusted peers for their honest feedback.
  5. Conduct a name availability search in your state.
  6. Choose an available name that suits your brand and register it with the state.

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