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Rental Property Business Name Ideas:


Business Name


1. PropertyCheq

"Cheq" — a spin on "check" — suggests that the business's service extend beyond securing tenants.

2. Tenant Spotters

Conveys the business's area of specialization without being too on the nose.

3. Find a Rental

Simple and informative. Could work particularly well for a website.

4. Agilis Rentals

Sounds established. For a business that offers tailored services within short turnaround times.

5. Click to Rent

A punchy name that alludes to the process of finding a rental property online.

6. Top Rentals

Ideal for a business that offers premium services at highly competitive prices.

7. Like Home Estates

Implies that the rentals on offer feel like forever homes.

8. Fair Rentals

For companies that consider the needs of property owners as well as tenants.

9. Tiny Home Rentals

Ideal for a business that specializes in leasing tiny homes.

10. Bolt Rentals

"Bolt" is synonymous with speed and security. It describes the rental process and homes on offer.

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More Rental Property Business Name Ideas:

Creative Rental Property Business Names:

  • Lease on Life Co.
  • Click & Share Rentals.
  • Room 4 Two.
  • Rental Valuers.
  • Live Laugh Lease.

Good Rental Property Business Names:

  • All Suites Leasing Co.
  • Baroness Rentals.
  • Tower Heights Realty.
  • Vista Vibe Property.
  • Hazel Home Rentals.

Catchy Rental Property Company Names:

  • Rent & Retreat.
  • Homescape 4 Hire.
  • Venus Estate Leasing.
  • The Timely Residence.
  • Paradise Property Rentals.

Funny Rental Property Company Names:

  • Crazy Cat Rentals.
  • For Lease Realty.
  • Right Rent Co.
  • Procure Property.
  • Mind Ur Manor.

Luxury Rental Property Names:

  • Exquisite Loft Agency.
  • Pinnacle Property Rentals.
  • The Platinum Estate.
  • My Polished Tenant.
  • Rental Dream Realty.


How do I choose a rental property business name?

Making a final decision can be tough. Ask family, friends, and potential clients for their feedback on your favorite name ideas. Give it a few days to see if a name grows on you and then check availability to be sure you can really own it.

Where can I find a rental property business name generator?

Try NameSnack — a free business name generator, or have a look at our list of rental property business names for inspiration.

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