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Real Estate Company Name Ideas:


Company Name


1. Propertyperfect

This name suggests that clients can find the best homes with your company.

2. The Real Home

The word "real" plays on "real estate" and conveys that clients will find the right property.

3. Professional Property

Using the word "professional" gives the client reassurance of quality service and elite listings.

4. Peak Home

The word "peak" implies that homes found through your company are the best on the market.

5. Trust Property

This name suggests that clients can trust your company with their business.

6. Homestart

This name appeals to first time buyers who are looking for the perfect starter home.

7. Searchperfect

The repetition of sound in this name makes it catchy. It conveys that finding a home will be easy.

8. Idealhome

This name creates an image of a perfect home for the clients' needs.

9. Househub

The idea of a house hub suggests that your business has a selection of listings for clients.

10. Truehome

The word "true" implies that you will help clients find the home that they will be happiest in.

11. Professional Rental

For a business that focuses on rental properties, gives clients assurance of a professional service.

12. Peak Estate

The words "peak estate" suggest that properties listed are elite and of the highest quality.

13. Rental Search

A business that allows clients to browse rental properties would benefit from this name.

14. Property Expert

This name will reassure clients of your business's experience and quality of service.

15. Home Specialist

"Specialist" suggests that your business is experienced, "home" gives the name a down-to-earth feel.

16. Real Rental

The word "real" in this name conveys that the properties and your business can be trusted.

17. House Prime

This name suggests that listings are the best on the market.

18. Find Rental

This name is memorable because it is simple and to the point.

19. Highlease

This name uses "high" to suggest that properties for lease with you are of the highest quality.

20. Rentclick

The word "click" in this name suggests that finding a rental property is easy when searching online.

Examples of Real Estate Company Names:

1. RE/MAX.

This name is short for Real Estate Maximums, as the company has a focus on franchising with agents receiving the maximum commission for each sale.

2. Keller Williams Realty, Inc.

Keller Williams was founded by Gary Keller and Joe Williams, and the company is named after them.

3. Coldwell Banker.

The company is named after two of its partners: Colbert Coldwell and Benjamin Arthur Banker. The company was later sold but the name remained.

4. Realogy.

This name combines "real" from real estate with a suffix that indicates that the company has studied the real estate industry. It suggests that they are experts in the field.

5. Sotheby’s International Realty.

The company was started by Sotheby's Auction House and named after its co-founder, John Sotheby.

6. The Corcoran Group.

Corcoran was founded by Barbara Corcoran, and the company was named after her. The business maintained the name after it was later bought.

7. Camden Property Trust.

The name Camden is a combination of the names of its founders: Richard J. Campo and D. Keith Oden.

8. Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate.

While this name is a bit long, it also describes the focus of this company. The name suggests that the company seeks out homes with beautiful gardens, which appeals to clients with this as a priority for their home.


The word Zillow is a combination of "zillions" (referring to an extremely large number) and "pillow" to represent home. The name is intended to mean that many listings can be found on the site.

10. Century 21.

The founders of Century 21 initially wanted to name the company "20th Century Realty" to sound as though they had been in business for a long time. They realized that they would struggle to register that name, and came up with Century 21 instead.

How to Name a Real Estate Company

A 9-step process to naming a real estate company.

More Real Estate Company Name Ideas:

Funny Real Estate Company Names:

  • Gone Home Realty.
  • Lease On Life Properties.
  • The Big Move Team.
  • Renter's Realty Co.
  • Leapin' Lease.

Good Real Estate Company Names:

  • Prime Valley Estates.
  • Soulflow Realty.
  • The Heiress Plot.
  • LoftxChange.
  • Villa Nation.

Clever Real Estate Company Names:

  • Peak Hill Properties.
  • Granite Garden Co.
  • Noble Acre Partners.
  • Cactus Lane Realty.
  • Total Territories.

Catchy Real Estate Company Names:

  • Selling Silver.
  • Go4Gold Real Estate.
  • Platinum Property Group.
  • Spartan Road Realty.
  • My Millionaire Loft.

Good Real Estate Business Names:

  • Cityscape Rentals.
  • Excel Realty Co.
  • Gravity Estate Letting.
  • Crimson Sun Properties.
  • Seaside Scene.

Great Realty Business Names:

  • Smart Asset Leasing.
  • Simply Sweet Homes.
  • Ur Dream Home Co.
  • Easy Elite Realty.
  • Value Land Group.

Trendy Real Estate Company Names:

  • Life2Let Properties.
  • NextGen Estates.
  • The Lease Lowdown.
  • Smart Title Realty.
  • Location Loft & Rental.


Where can I find a real estate company name generator?

You can find real estate company names with the NameSnack business name generator.

What are names of real estate companies in the USA?

  • RE/MAX.
  • Century 21.
  • Keller Williams Realty.
  • Compass.
  • HomeServices of America.

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