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Real Estate Investing Business Name Ideas:


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1. The Real Capital Co.

"Capital" refers to real estate assets and contributes a sophisticated appeal to this business name. "Real" is a pun and refers to "real estate," but adds a sense of authenticity and trustworthiness. "The" implies that yours is the top real estate investing company.

2. Everest Invest

"Everest" is the tallest mountain peak on earth and adds authority and weight to this business name, suggesting that your company will achieve monumental returns. "Invest" captures the nature of your business and adds a catchy rhythm, making it easy to remember.

3. Sky Unlimited Investments

Based on the phrase "the sky is the limit," this name bursts with confidence and determination. "Sky" conjures images of skyscrapers, making this ideal for a high-rise investment firm. "Unlimited" highlights the endless possibilities for growth and return that your business offers.

4. ProsperProperty

A simple name that is super catchy thanks to the alliteration. "Prosper" has positive connotations and creates a reassuring impression that your investments are guaranteed to flourish. "Property" clearly captures your niche, while remaining versatile for a range of real estate types.

5. SmartProp Investments

"Smart" adds a modern appeal to this name that makes it great for a tech-based real estate investment company. The abbreviated "Prop" reinforces the punchiness of the name and helps make it easy to remember. "Investments" clarifies the nature of your business and keeps the name professional.

6. Realty Returns

This alliterative business name is great for word-of-mouth advertising. "Realty" elegantly captures your company's area of investment expertise, while "Returns" creates a positive impression of financial growth and safety. Paired with an equally punchy logo, this business name will sing!

7. Estate Investment Solutions

A no-frills, to-the-point business name that is direct and professional, reflecting your business's streamlined and clear-cut approach to real estate investing. "Solutions" imbues the name with a proactive appeal that highlights your business's focused approach to its investments.

8. The CommProp Group

"Comm" is an abbreviation of "commercial," clearly communicating your company's real estate investing niche. Combined with "Prop," the abbreviation for "property," this name has a catchy and modern ring to it. "Group" adds a sense of collaboration and unity that creates an impression of strength.

9. Invest Industrial

Clear and simple, the alliteration in this business name is subtle but adds to its memorability. "Invest" has an active appeal that hints at your business's hands-on approach to investments. "Industrial" highlights your company's specialty, adding clarity to the name.

10. Real Growth

"Real" is a pun on "realty," which captures the nature of your business, but when paired with "Growth," the name suggests that your clients can expect to see significant financial returns on their investments. "Growth" has positive monetary associations, but may also hint at sustainable practices.

How to Name a Real Estate Company

A 9-step process to naming a real estate company.

More Real Estate Investing Business Name Ideas:

Good Real Estate Investment Company Names:

  • SilverPro Investing.
  • GoPro Financing.
  • Sungrowth Capital.
  • Infinite Investors.
  • ActiveLife Assets.

Catchy Real Estate Investing Business Names:

  • Zenith Group Invest.
  • RealTrust Capital.
  • Crown Finance.
  • Century Investing.
  • Value World Capital.

Wholesale Real Estate Investing Business Names:

  • Sell My House.
  • Buyer And Trustees.
  • Arguably Great Homes.
  • Realty One Investment Co.
  • The Lawful Exchange.


Where can I find some examples of real estate investing business names?

Take a look at our list of real estate investing business names for inspiration. Alternatively, you can use NameSnack to create a range of real estate investing business names.

How do I name my real estate investing business?

  1. List keywords that best describe your real estate investing business's services.
  2. Try combining your keywords or feed them into a business name generator to create name ideas.
  3. Jot down your favorite name options and ask for feedback from friends.
  4. Choose the most popular name and check its availability.
  5. Register your new business name.

What are some real-life real estate investing company names?

  • Annaly Capital Management.
  • AGNC Investment Corp.
  • American Tower Corporation.
  • Prologis.
  • Crown Castle International.

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