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House Flipping Business Name Ideas:


Business Name


1. Flipping It!

Sounds fun and punchy. You'll enjoy marketing this gem. Ideal for slogan designing as well.

2. The House Flip

Simple, elegant, and to the point. You'll attract the right customers in no time!

3. Flip n' Switch

Perfect name for a young house flipping company. Suggests that your services are quick and swift.

4. Flip Loop

Memorable and fun. May attract young clients looking to enter the house flipping market.

5. My Home Remodel

This personalized name is best-suited to those who specialize in remodeling well-loved houses.

6. Flipping Institute

An uncommon name that will turn heads, enticing clients to learn more. Great for flipping experts.

7. The Eco Flip

Unique name. Could suit a business that flips houses by implementing environmentally-friendly ideas.

8. Restoration Flip

A straightforward and effective name that clearly states the nature of your business.

9. The Upgrade Flip

Sounds strong and professional. Hints that you'll enhance houses with modern features.

10. Go Flipping

This cool name has a modern feel, instantly conjuring images of innovative designs for new homes.

How to Name a Home Decor Business

An eight-step process to naming a home decor business.

More House Flipping Business Name Ideas:

Best House Flipping Business Names:

  • Flip D Vine.
  • The Revival Flip.
  • The Space Stylist.
  • Crafty Abode.
  • The New Phase.

Cool House Flipping Business Names:

  • The Flipping Room.
  • RevoLuxx.
  • Cozy Commander.
  • The Refresh Lounge.
  • Fired Up Revival.

Catchy House Flipping Business Names:

  • The Cozy Chateau.
  • House-A-New.
  • House Hatch Co.
  • Premium Oasis.
  • The House Muse.

Unique House Flipping Business Names:

  • Flip In Style.
  • The Tinzly Tapestry.
  • Renovate Gate.
  • A+ Flipping.
  • Haute House.

Interesting House Flipping Business Names:

  • Refresh Parlor.
  • The Style Revamper.
  • Revive Lofts.
  • The Modern Refurbish.
  • Muse Creations.

Fun House Flipping Business Names:

  • FlipHouse.
  • Chic Amore.
  • Go New Inc.
  • Cheery Chambers Co.
  • The Oceana Casa.

Funny Home Flipping Company Names:

  • The Style Fixer.
  • Just So Quaint.
  • Renewal Lanes.
  • Budget Boudoir.
  • The Style Elevator.


How do I choose a name for my house flipping business?

  1. Combine keywords or use a business name generator to create some unique name ideas.
  2. List your favorite names and discuss them with family and friends.
  3. Use surveys, online polls, and a name generator for inspiration.
  4. Perform a name availability search with the state.
  5. Choose a memorable name and register it.

Where can I find some house flipping company name ideas?

You can peruse our list of house flipping company name ideas for inspiration.

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