If you plan on opening a cocktail bar, you'll want your name to convey the sophisticated and exclusive vibe associated with these establishments. We take the guesswork out of the naming process by providing you with 10 unique and memorable names for your cocktail bar.

Cocktail Bar Business Name Ideas:

RankBusiness NameDescription
1.Mix GaloreA catchy name implying the range of cocktails on offer at your establishment.
2.High Molotov"High" hints at exclusivity while "Molotov," a metaphor for danger, suggests an exciting night out.
3.The Beverage CafeSimple and easy to remember. This name tells customers exactly what to expect.
4.Bar MolotovThe word "Molotov" suggests that patrons will have an exciting night out at this bar.
5.Mix Verge"Verge" implies that patrons will be kept "on the edge" with the range of cocktails on offer.
6.Cocktail GlowThe word "glow" evokes feelings of joy and elation. A catchy and sophisticated name.
7.Cocktail SpaceTrendy and cool. This name alludes to a place where customers can socialize with a cocktail in hand.
8.CocktailightThis compound name evokes feelings of lightness, enjoyment, and friendly vibes.
9.Mix TiltHints at the tilt of bottles on the rack or musical entertainment. A great name for a downtown bar.
10.Molotov SpecialtyConveys the idea of "dangerously talented" bar tenders at this enticing cocktail bar.

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What should I name my cocktail bar?

  • Cocktail Glow.
  • The Beverage Cafe.
  • Mix Verge.
  • Bar Molotov.
  • Mix Galore.

What are the best cocktail bar names from movies?

  • The Admiral's Arms, from Queen of the Damned.
  • The Alibi Room, from Shameless.
  • The Dirty Sanchez, from Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story.
  • Gallow's End Tavern, from World of Warcraft.
  • Jack Rabbit Slim's, from Pulp Fiction.

How do I choose a cocktail bar business name?

  • Put together a list of words and phrases related to cocktail bars.
  • Run your keywords through a name generator like NameSnack.
  • Create a shortlist of your favorite names.
  • Ask friends and potential customers for feedback.
  • Select your top name and check for domain availability.
  • Check if your name is registered with the state.
  • Secure your name.

What are some catchy cocktail bar business names?

  • The Beverage Cafe.
  • Cocktail Space.
  • Mix Tilt.
  • High Molotov.
  • Cocktailight.

What are some cool cocktail bar business names?

  • Bar Molotov.
  • Cocktail Space.
  • Molotov Specialty.
  • Mix Tilt.
  • Mix Verge.

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