A bar business needs a catchy name to attract customers, as there are usually many competitors in close proximity. You will need to have a unique and trendy name, so we have listed 10 bar business name ideas for you to choose from or draw inspiration from.

Bar Business Name Ideas:


Business Name


1.Chill Cocktails

This name is catchy because of the alliteration as well as its description of your products.

2.Brew Chill World

"Brew" refers to the beer you serve, and "chill world" can refer to the atmosphere in your bar.

3.The Pub Brew

This name suggests that your pub makes it own beer.

4.Drinks Spot

This name is short and simple, but descriptive and trendy.

5.Organization Cocktails

"Organization" makes your business sound more legitimate in a playful way.

6.Beer Bar

The alliteration in this name makes it catchy and easy to remember.

7.Go Chill Cocktails

This name calls for patrons to relax and enjoy your cocktails.

8.Our Local Pub

This name invites patrons to make your bar their regular hang out spot.

9.Cocktails Agency

"Agency" is a fun way to sound more official and come across as the authority on cocktails.

10.The Expert Brew

"Expert brew" suggests that you serve the best beer available.

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What are some catchy bar business names?

  • The Expert Brew.
  • Cocktails Agency.
  • Our Local Pub.
  • Go Chill Cocktails.
  • Beer Bar

What are some famous bar business names?

  • The Drunken Horse.
  • Oppa Bar NYC.
  • NoMad Bar.
  • Death & Company.
  • Jimmy's Corner.

What are some unique bar business names?

  • Chill Cocktails.
  • Brew Chill World.
  • The Pub Brew.
  • Drinks Spot.
  • Organization Cocktails.

How do I choose a bar business name?

  • Create a list of name ideas using a business name generator and keywords from market research.
  • Show your name ideas to potential patrons and note their feedback.
  • ASk loved ones for their opinions on your name ideas.
  • Set the list aside for a few days and see which names you remember.
  • Check if your name ideas have already been trademarked or registered.

Is there a bar business name generator?

You can use NameSnack to generate business name ideas by entering a few keywords and describing what your business does. The site then produces dozens of name ideas to choose from.

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