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Lending Business Name Ideas:


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1.E.Z. Loans

The initials in this name are reminiscent of law firms or renowned consultants. Here, the initials make the sound "easy," creating a humorous and memorable name. The name pokes fun at itself and makes your business likeable.

2.Lend a Hand

To lend a hand is to help someone in need and carries compassionate undertones. You are not the loan shark, you are the friendly money lender who empathizes with the struggles of your customers and wants to ease their circumstances.

3.Lend and Mend

Two words come together to tell a business story in this name. It says "we lend you money so you can mend your affairs." The two words also mimic the names of business partners, and the fact that they rhyme makes the name fun to say.


Some money lenders only issue loans if a borrower can prove their ability to repay the money. "Anyloans" suggests to borrowers that your lending business lowers the barriers to money so that anyone and everyone can get financed.

5.Young Borrowers

Using this name is a clever way of branding your business as the lending company that caters to young people or those without an established credit history. Millennials would see yours as the lending business that knows their customers.


This name gives off the impression that your are so carefree with your money that you are practically begging people to take it. Customers associate this name with a business that has low barriers to finance. The name rolls off the tongue and is fun to say.

7.Lightning Lenders

This name associates your business with the quality of speed. Some customers require immediate financing to remedy a life-or-death situation. Plenty of money lenders make the process of getting a loan long and complicated. This name eases those anxieties faced by borrowers.

8.Lady Loans

This name borrows from the Victorian tradition of giving high-status women the prefix "Lady." This is a great way of branding your business as the money lender for women. You fund women in business and women in need.

9.Bend to Lend

This name suggests to customers that you would bend over backwards to give them cash. It says "we struggle to say no to customers who want cash." The rhyming words are pleasing to hear and makes a home in the customer's mind.

10.The Broke Borrower

This name pokes fun at its customer base in a very strategic way. It is a clever way of branding itself as the money lender that targets college students who need small amounts of money to help them out. Yours is a lending business with favorable rates and minimal red tape.

Business Name Generator

Business Name Generator

Enter words related to your business to get started.

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What are some catchy lending business names?

  • Little Loans.
  • Bend to Lend.
  • Lady Loans.
  • Lendaway.
  • Anyloans.

What are some cool lending business names?

  • Loan Love.
  • Lightning Lenders.
  • Young Borrowers.
  • The Broke Borrower.
  • Anyloans.

What are some unique lending business names?

  • Little Lenders.
  • The Broke Borrower.
  • Young Borrowers.
  • Lend a Hand.
  • E.Z. Loans.

What are some fun lending business names?

  • Lender Love.
  • Lend and Mend.
  • E.Z. Loans.
  • Little Lenders.
  • Loan Love.

How do I name a lending business?

  • List keywords that best describe your business's services or your industry focus.
  • Try combining your keywords or feed them into a business name generator to create name ideas.
  • Jot down your favorite name options and ask for feedback from friends.
  • Choose the most popular name and check its availability.
  • Register your new business name.

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