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Installment Loan Business Name Ideas:


Business Name


1. Savingrant

This catchy mashup is perfect for an organization that provides small business grants and loans.

2. Grant Payday

Ideal for a pay-day loan business, this simple name tells customers exactly what to expect.

3. Fundamount

Combining "fund" and "amount," this is a great name for an online installment loan business.

4. The Grant Credit

Striking and memorable, this name implies the provision of both grants and credit to businesses.

5. My Bank Fund

"My" personalizes this name which positions your business as a trusted option for accessing funds.

6. Guarantee Grant

This alliterative name implies that grants are guaranteed through your business. A memorable name.

7. Fourth Installment

This name is a playful reference to the number of payments that clients can make to pay off a loan.

8. Payday Glow

A fun, catchy name alluding to the "glow" your clients will have after they use your services.

9. Grant Push

"Push" implies that your business will strive to provide the best financial assistance possible.

10. Paymentotal

A quirky mashup implying that clients can access loans with a set deadline and payment structure.

Banks & Credit Union Business Names

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More Installment Loan Business Name Ideas:

Great Money Business Names:

  • Prologue Money.
  • Coin of the World.
  • Money Mark One.
  • The Cash Grid.
  • Cashman Pro.

Memorable Mobile Money Business Names:

  • Easy Check-Out.
  • Coinless Pay.
  • Speedy Pay.
  • Mobile Note.
  • Priority Wallet.

Unique Credit Company Names:

  • One Link Credit.
  • Fast Lane Credit.
  • Cash Fast.
  • Omega Creditors.
  • Fund Flow.

Good Installment Loan Business Names:

  • Title Grant Loans.
  • My Home Loan.
  • OneCard Installment.
  • Startup Loan Corner.
  • Student Loan Zone.

Catchy Installment Loan Company Names:

  • My Loan Upgrade.
  • Award Savings.
  • One Million Lenders.
  • Zona Home Loans.
  • QuickCash Loans.

Great Installment Loan Business Names:

  • Premier Loan Centers.
  • Mortgage Lender Pros.
  • First Security Loan.
  • Premier Lease Buyer.
  • 1st Rate Funding.

Cool Installment Loan Business Names:

  • My Liberty Loan.
  • Nerd Loan Solutions.
  • Avant-Garde Loan.
  • The Loan Revolution.
  • The Funding Door.


How do I name an installment loan business?

  1. Compile a list of keywords and phrases related to your industry.
  2. Find synonyms for your keywords.
  3. Combine these words to create potential name ideas.
  4. Use a business name generator.
  5. Get feedback on your top choices.
  6. Check domain and state availability for your favorite names.
  7. Secure your chosen business name.

What are some real-life installment loan business names?

  • Tower Loan.
  • CashNetUSA.
  • eMoneyUSA.
  • AmeriCash Loans.
  • NiceLoans!
  • Check 'n Go.
  • Sun Loan Company.
  • Alamo City Installment Loans.

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