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Laser Eye Surgery/Lasik Business Name Ideas:


Business Name


1. Optic Lasik

This is such a smart name that plays on the word "optic," which relates to the eye and vision.

2. The Beam Lasik

A simple and effective name that highlights the narrow beam of light used during the laser surgery.

3. Beam Optic

Sounds modern and unique. Great for those that offer advanced surgery techniques and technology.

4. Lasik Beam

A catchy and straight forward name that references the "beam" of the laser used for the procedure.

5. Lasik Optics

This is such a interesting name. It's a mashup of two alternative words for "laser" and "eye."

6. Optics Beam

Sounds advanced and innovative, conjuring images of robust and modern equipment.

7. Electro Lasik

A fun and catchy name that's great for marketing purposes.

8. My Beam Surgery

The word "my" adds a personal touch that appeals to clients who are hesitant about eye surgery.

9. Treatment Optics

A modest but meaningful name for a business that offers a wide selection of eye treatments.

10. Bladeless Eye

Daring and eye-catching name that highlights the fact that the surgery does not require sharp tools.

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More Laser Eye Surgery/Lasik Business Name Ideas:

Unique Lasik Surgery Business Names:

  • LasikPlus Clinic.
  • Eye Focus Surgery Center.
  • Beam & See.
  • Eyecare Lasik.
  • Free Sight Surgery.

Catchy Laser Eye Surgery Business Names:

  • All Pro Lasik.
  • Ocular Laser Lab.
  • The Lasik Faculty.
  • Eye Beam Optics.
  • Ocular Plus Institute.

Cool Laser Eye Surgery Business Names:

  • Lasik Xpress.
  • Eyebotica.
  • Modern Lens Clinic.
  • Iris Lasik.
  • Spectrum Eye Center.


How do I choose a laser eye surgery business name?

  1. Look over your marketing and business plan to pinpoint keywords.
  2. Use a business name generator.
  3. Come up with at least five potential business names.
  4. Ask for feedback from peers.
  5. Perform Google and trademark searches.
  6. Check name availability.
  7. Secure the name.

What are some famous laser eye surgery business names?

  • Vision Specialist.
  • 20/20 Institute.
  • Advanced Eyecare & Laser Center.
  • QualSight LASIK.
  • NVISION Laser Eye Centers.

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