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Exotic Restaurant Name Ideas:


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1.Spinach and Spice

Spinach is not always well-loved by restaurant-goers but adding it to your name tells customers that they can expect some out-of-the-ordinary dishes on your menu. The "S" alliteration ensures that it will be memorable. It also implies healthy or vegan food is served in your restaurant.

2.Crunching Crickets

Crickets are increasing in popularity in the food industry as a replacement protein. To indicate that you use this delicacy in your cuisine, include it in the name. Crunching is indicative of the means of preparing the food, while the alliteration reinforces the crunching sound the food will make.

3.Leaf Eaters

If you are looking for an exotic name for your vegan restaurant, try this fun name that indicates your menu is plant-based. It is also a play on beef eaters, a common reference to people that eat meat.

4.Tossing and Turning

The deliciousness of meat grilled on a spit is encompassed in this name. The name references the rotation of the grilling process, while "tossing" references salads served as side dishes.

5.Food on Fire

If you are preparing your food exclusively on open fires, then this name for your exotic restaurant is a clear winner. The alliteration of the "T" makes the name memorable, while the name lends itself to creative logos and other branding material.

6.Con-chiving Chilies

When opening an exotic restaurant serving Asian-styled food, then this prankish name containing "chives" and "chilies" will lure customers to your doorstep. Both ingredients are common in Asian food. "Con-chiving" is a play on "conniving" referencing the deceiving nature of chilies.

7.All Things Exotic

Adventurous eaters will be drawn in by this name, indicative of an array of uncommon foods. The name opens the door for you to be creative and add a variety of exotic foods to your menu.

8.Alligator Alley

If your specialty is alligator, crocodile, or any other critter, then choose a name like "Alligator Alley." "Alligator" indicates the type of meat you will serve, while "Alley" says to patrons that you have a variety of options for them to choose from. It also adds a homey feeling to the name.

9.Africa Time

Choosing this name is indicative of the African cuisine you will serve. It tells patrons that the food is freshly prepared and that they will have time to relax while waiting for their meals as it will be prepared slowly and according to Africa time.

10.The Roman Table

Themed restaurants are becoming increasingly popular and provide the opportunity to serve exotic foods. The Romans are known for the extravagant food served in abundance, which is indicated to patrons by this name. Dress-ups and scenario dinners are also on the table at this restaurant.

Business Name Generator

Business Name Generator

Enter words related to your business to get started.

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What are some creative exotic restaurant name ideas?

  • Alligator Alley.
  • All Things Exotic.
  • Spinach and Spice.
  • Africa Time.
  • The Roman Table.

What are some unique exotic restaurant name ideas?

  • Con-chiving Chilies.
  • Food on Fire.
  • Tossing and Turning.
  • Leaf Eaters.
  • Crunching Crickets.

Where can I find an exotic restaurant name generator?

Navigate to NameSnack to create an original name for your exotic restaurant. Alternatively, see our list of exotic restaurant names to spark your imagination.

What are some real-life exotic restaurant names?

  • Joanie’s Blue Crab Cafe.
  • Mai-Kai.
  • Mogadishu Restaurant.
  • The Black Ant.
  • Linger.

How do I choose an exotic restaurant name?

  1. Look at the names of similar restaurants and think about what makes them effective.
  2. Make a list of keywords associated with your restaurant.
  3. Mix and match your keywords and feed them into a restaurant name generator.
  4. Shortlist your favorite names and ask for feedback from your friends and family.
  5. Check if your favorite name is available.

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