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International Restaurant Name Ideas:


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1. Global Tastes

A memorable name that conveys just enough to be informative yet intriguing.

2. Departed

A powerful one-word option that leaves plenty of room for the international restaurant to expand.

3. Back Home

Where travelers can extend their holidays and immigrants can revisit their origins through taste.

4. Global Palate

Simple but compelling. Ideal for a refined establishment.

5. International Cookhouse

The perfect ratio of familiar to unfamiliar. Would work well for a laid-back restaurant.

6. Tasting the World

A simple name that lets patrons know what they can expect from the restaurant.

7. Every Cuisine

Suggests that the restaurant offers an extensive, highly-varied menu.

8. The Globe Trotters

May appeal to those consumed by wanderlust. Note that "Trotters" may also allude to pork dishes.

9. WanderLush

Combines the words "wanderlust" and "lush." Shouldn't inhibit the business's expansion.

10. Universal Tastes

Implies that there's something for everyone while hinting that the menu is inspired by many regions.

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More International Restaurant Business Name Ideas:

Creative International Restaurant Names:

  • The Culinary Odyssey.
  • Globe Square Deli.
  • Everywhere Foods.
  • Foodie Crusades.
  • The Flavor Lounge.

Catchy International Restaurant Names:

  • Mixed Bag Bistro.
  • Cultures Culinaire.
  • Global Foodie Frenzy.
  • Foxtail Fusion.
  • All Nations Noshery.


What should I name my international restaurant?

Opt for a name that captures your range of offerings while remaining true to your brand's tone of voice. See our collection of international restaurant names for ideas or use our business name generator to create your own

How do I choose an international restaurant name?

Choosing the perfect international restaurant name can be tough. Start by gathering your existing ideas, and then condensing the list to include only those options that are easy to spell and pronounce. Next, show your remaining restaurant name options to potential customers. At that point, you know which ideas are crowd favorites, and should wait for one to grow on you.

What are some well-known international restaurant names?

  • IHOP.
  • International Cuisine.
  • Superkhana International.
  • Martino's International Cafe.
  • International Smoke.

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