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Dank Business Name Ideas:


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1.Dank Tank

This is a great name for an extreme water sports equipment and apparel shop.

2.Fill in the Dank

A play on a popular phrase, this name is ideal for a blog or podcast.

3.Hippest Hippo

A catchy name that most certainly will stand out. Great for an eatery.

4.Wave Slave

A compelling and striking name for a surf shop. The rhyme makes the name more memorable.


A playful and unique name for a cannabis dispensary. It won't easily be forgotten.

6.High & Hungry

A catchy and trendy name for a cannabis dispensary and deli. Perfect for the more daring brand.

7.Dank Planks

This name is made all the more memorable and striking by the rhyme. Ideal for a skate shop.

8.Dank City Rollers

Taking its cue from rock 'n roll, this name is great for a skate park.

9.Kong Kings

A "Kong" is a common parkour movement. This name is strong and memorable.

10.Gnarly Barley Beerhouse

Gnarly and dank mean almost the same thing. This is a dank, rhyming name for a craft beer place.

11.Pow Me Now

Snowboarders call powdery snow, "Pow." What better name is there for a snowboarding store?

12.Dank Cranks

Referencing a pivotal component of bicycles, this rhyming name is great for a BMX brand or store.

13.Easy Steez

A catchy name that is great for a clothing store. Slang often makes for great names.


This is a compelling name for a women's clothing brand or store. It pairs femme and emporium.

15.Dank Bank

This is a fun and daring name that won't easily be forgotten. Great name for a cannabis dispensary.

16.Slay Receipts

"Slay" means "win." "Receipts" means "digital proof." This is a great name for a store.

17.Dank Mood

A catchy and trendy name that suggests awesome shared experiences.


An edgy and modern name for a clothing store. "Snatch" means to wear something fashionable.

19.Dank Decks

Another winning name for a skateboard brand.

20.Wig Fig

"Wig" means "even danker." This name suggests your business is the coolest, most woke around.

Business Name Generator

Business Name Generator

Enter words related to your business to get started.

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How can I come up with some dank business names?

  • Decide who you want the business name to appeal to most.
  • Find slang, terminology, and common phrases that would resonate with your target market.
  • Feed keywords you think would work into a business name generator.

What makes a business name a dank name?

A dank business name is one that appeals to a segment of the market that would use words like "dank." Business names that use slang, terminology, and common phrases, as well as reference iconic cultural moments, could be considered dank, especially if they are surprising and amazing.

What are some examples of dank business names?

  • Dank Tank.
  • Kong Kings.
  • Wave Slave.
  • Wig Fig.
  • Femmeporium.

What companies have dank business names?

  • Anti Hero.
  • ButterGoods.
  • Thrasher.
  • Obey.
  • 10 Deep.

What are some dank brand names?

  • Femmeporium.
  • Snatch.
  • Kong Kings.
  • Wig Fig.
  • Dank Planks.

Where can I find dank business name ideas?

See our list of dank business name ideas. You should also try NameSnack — a free and intuitive business name generator that uses machine learning and instant domain search technology to generate scores of brandable business name ideas.

What are some dank names for a business?

  • Dank Tank.
  • Dankalicious.
  • Kong Kings.
  • Easy Steez.
  • Dank Mood.

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