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Cross-Stitch Business Name Ideas:


Business Name


1. Swell Stitches

A solid, memorable option for a store or online retailer of cross-stitching supplies.

2. Smith & Smyrna

A catchy, classy name that's also a reference to the double cross stitch known as "Smyrna."

3. Threaded Dreams

A great name for software that allows you to create basic or intricate cross-stitch patterns.

4. Strongbone Stitches

"Strongbone" suggests a good stitching foundation. Great for a beginner's course.

5. Talking Pillows

Cross-stitch designs are often used on pillow cases. Great for a retailer of embroidered pillows.

6. Rare Threads

A name that hints at a store where vintage cross-stitch supplies and equipment can be bought.

7. Dancing with Needles

An unique name that elevates cross-stitching to an art form. Add a strong logo and/or slogan.

8. NeedleWorx Cross-stitch Co.

A descriptive name for a needlework studio or online supplies store.

9. Hobby Art Stitch

A name that may attract cross-stitch enthusiasts of all levels.

10. New Stitch Network

A strong choice for a cross-stitching YouTube channel or a monthly online magazine.

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More Cross-Stitch Business Name Ideas:

Funny Cross-Stitch Business Names:

  • Stitches Like New.
  • Elite Needlepoint.
  • Crossodo.
  • PoshNeedle Plus.
  • The Cross Crew.

Good Cross-Stitch Supplies Business Names:

  • Masters Needle.
  • The Stitching Locker.
  • Studio Stitching.
  • Crown Needle Studio.
  • Pinning Threads.

Unique Cross-Stitch Business Names:

  • Cupid Cross Stitch.
  • Sew A Little Too.
  • Stitch It Up.
  • Star Craft Sewing.
  • Threading Sisters.

Cool Cross-Stitch Business Names:

  • The Stitching Bar.
  • Me & Embroidery.
  • We Love Our Needles.
  • Lovely Miss Stitches.
  • The Knitting Cactus.

Great Cross-Stitch Company Names:

  • The Work Thread.
  • New Era Needling.
  • Pins & Thread.
  • The Stitch Art.
  • The Needle Factory.


How do I choose a name for my cross-stitch business?

  1. Think about the type of cross-stitch business you'll be starting, your clientele, and your products and/or services.
  2. Make a list of useful keywords.
  3. Look at the names of competitors to find more ideas and keywords.
  4. Combine your keywords in interesting ways, or use a business name generator.
  5. Share your top names with others.
  6. Based on feedback, choose the best name.

What makes a good cross-stitch business name?

A good cross-stitch business name should be memorable and convey the essence of your business. Consider the products and/or services you'll be offering and try to reference these in your name. Consult our list of name examples for inspiration.

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