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Upholstery Business Name Ideas:


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1. Sublime Upholstery

A simple and elegant name that conveys your ability to give old furniture a spectacular makeover.

2. Marvelous Material

A catchy name that implies passion for your work and suggests you only use the finest textiles.

3. Skilled Stitch

This snappy and highly memorable name suggests that your skill and expertise shows in your work.

4. Splendiferous Furniture

A fun and boastful name suitable for a furniture design and upholstery business.

5. Brilliant Fabric

A striking and distinctive name that conveys a passion for eye-catching top quality textiles.

6. Charming Upholstery

A simple but endearing name ideal for a business specializing in cottage style upholstery.

7. Magnificent Cushion

A bold name that suggests you create strikingly beautiful upholstered furniture.

8. The Perfect Upholstery

This suggests that customers can expect nothing short of perfection from your upholstery service.

9. Fab Refurbish

A fun name that is easy to remember and gets straight to the point.

10. Magnificent Stitch

A striking name that suggests you offer superior craftsmanship and are committed to excellence.

Auto Upholstery Business Names

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More Upholstery Business Name Ideas:

Unique Upholstery Business Names:

  • The Weaver.
  • Mallet Mad Upholstery.
  • The New Staple.
  • Refresh My Frame.
  • Touch-Up Furniture.

Catchy Upholstery Company Names:

  • Modern Match.
  • Couch Cutter.
  • The Urban Upholstery.
  • X-Vintage.
  • Upscale Interiors.

Cool Upholstery Business Names:

  • Eupholstery.
  • Chic Couch Trims.
  • New & Old Studios.
  • Refresh Emporium.
  • Final Touch Co.

Funny Upholstery Business Names:

  • 1970 Reboot.
  • Jazz Up Couches.
  • Inner Interiors.
  • Upholstery World.
  • Century 21.


How do I choose an upholstery business name?

Making a final decision can be difficult. Ask potential customers to give feedback on your name ideas or use a business name generator. Give it a couple of days to see if a name grows on you and check availability to make sure you can really own it.

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