Upcycled Furniture Business Name Ideas:


Business Name


1. NuPiece

This name suggests restoration. The unusual spelling of "new" gives the name more character.

2. EcoGem

This name suggests that there are gems among the things we discard.

3. OneMoreTimeFurniture

A simple and straightforward name that says it all.

4. Timeless Upcycles

This name suggests that your business does high-quality work that will last.

5. TumbleUp

The opposite of tumble down. This is a clever and catchy name.

6. Shab 2 Fab

Catchy and trendy, this name is made stronger by its rhyme.

7. FixerUppers

A striking and catchy name. It is a phrase more often heard in real estate.

8. ReLove

A smart and simple name. It suggests that care and consideration are core values.

9. Time&Again Upcyclers

Playing with the notion of cycles, this is a strong and memorable name.

10. Returniture

Clever and daring, this name blends "return" and "furniture."

Recycling Business Names

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More Upcycled Furniture Business Name Ideas:

Shabby Chic Upcycled Furniture Business Names:

  • New Re-Tread.
  • Flipping Retro.
  • The Refresh Boutique.
  • Elegant Overhauls.
  • A Vintage Flip.

Clever Furniture Flipping Business Names:

  • The Revival Era.
  • The Upgrade Exchange.
  • A Bit Like New.
  • The Upcycle Guys.
  • The Refurbish Team.

Fun Upcycled Furniture Business Names:

  • Refurbish Me Up.
  • Flip-N-Refresh.
  • Yours Made New.
  • Flip-A-Chair.
  • Epic Upholstery.

Catchy Upcycled Furniture Business Names:

  • Lounge Lift.
  • Refine Restorations.
  • The Up-Lift.
  • Refreshed Up.
  • Nu-Interiors.

Great Upcycled Furniture Business Names:

  • The Vintage Refresh.
  • The Chair Flip.
  • Up-Cycle It.
  • ReGen Furniture.
  • The Upcycled Group.

Creative Upcycled Furniture Business Names:

  • Refurbish Your Style.
  • Up-Stylin'.
  • House Of Refresh.
  • A Retro-Sparkle.
  • Upcycled Friends.

Unique Repurposed Furniture Business Names:

  • Refresh A Closet.
  • Decorated Junk.
  • Renew The Memory.
  • Re-Spoiled Vintage.
  • The Chair Fixery.

Professional Upcycled Furniture Business Names:

  • The Redesign Shop.
  • Reupholstery Factory.
  • The Upgrade Yard.
  • New Decor Co.
  • The Modern Hive.

Memorable Upcycled Furniture Business Names:

  • ReFIT.
  • Refresh Your Love.
  • The Sofa Swap.
  • Re-Doing Decor.
  • The ReBuild.


How do I choose a good upcycled furniture business name?

  1. Review your business and marketing plans to identify keywords.
  2. Brainstorm name ideas and feed them to a business name generator.
  3. Use online polls and surveys.
  4. Ask family and friends for feedback.
  5. Conduct a name availability search.
  6. Choose a trendy name and register it.

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