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Furniture Restoration Business Name Ideas:


Business Name


1. Trendy Revival

Appeal to your clients' sense of fashion with this cool business name.

2. Retro Relics

The alliteration on the "R" make this a memorable name for your furniture restoration business.

3. My Style Revival

"My" familiarizes this business name and will inspire trust in your customers.

4. The Restoration Age

Invite your customers into the age of stylish antique furniture with this cool name idea.

5. Quaint Revival

This cute name idea inspires a sense of comfort and elegance.

6. The Design Treasure

Promote your skills as a restoration designer with this catchy name idea.

7. Wooden Relics

This fun, tongue-in-cheek name will attract customers and give your business a sense of whimsy.

8. Gothic Refinish

A cool, trendy name for a furniture restoration business specializing in gothic-style furniture.

9. The Antiques Project

"Project" lets customers know that you handle and work with antiques to give them new life.

10. Timelessly Stylish

Promote your skills with this trendy business name.

11. ChicPatch

Catchy and trendy, this less traditional name suggests good service and a modern approach.

12. CharmBack Repairs

What is furniture repair if not the act of putting charm back into shabby furniture?

13. Shabby-to-Chic

Trendy and memorable, this name describes furniture repair in a marketable and appealing way.

14. Fine Piece Repair

Ideal for a repair business specializing in fine and antique furniture.

15. Bye Drab Furniture Repair

Subtle and clever, and suggestive of a hassle-free experience, this name is really good.

16. Second Life

Playing with the idea that, once restored, furniture can live another life. This is a catchy name.

17. Good as New

Popular phrases make for memorable names. This simple but catchy name is ideal for any refinishers.

18. Furniture Finishers

Another example of a straightforward name that says all it needs to. Very memorable.

19. ReSplendor

A nice play on the idea of restoring a piece of furniture's original magnificence.

20. Royal Finishers

A great name. It is compelling because it evokes a sense of mastery and exclusivity.

Restoration Business Names

Memorable name ideas for a restoration business.

More Furniture Restoration Business Name Ideas:

Clever Furniture Flipping Names:

  • Eternal Hinge.
  • The Retro Reunion.
  • Furn-Fusion.
  • New Soul Customs.
  • The Wood Remedy.

Catchy Furniture Restoration Business Names:

  • The Royal Refurbish.
  • Rustic Reflections.
  • Restore-It-Rehab.
  • Reviver's Road.
  • Revista.

Cool Furniture Restoration Business Names:

  • Wooden Relics.
  • Eternal Restorer.
  • The Vintage Trend.
  • Renewed Heart.
  • Reinvented Virtue Co.

Attractive Furniture Repair Business Names:

  • Modern Art Repairs.
  • My Classic Fix.
  • Lavish Restoration.
  • Your Vintage Doctor.
  • Prestige Frameworks.

Unique Furniture Restoration Business Names:

  • Cozy Tweed.
  • Resto-Home.
  • Revive Works.
  • Relaunched Leather.
  • Rustic Restyled.

Rustic Furniture Repair Business Names:

  • The Antique Fixer.
  • Furniture Tender.
  • The Frame Refinery.
  • Paint My Chair.
  • Rustic Upholstery.

Great Furniture Painting Business Names:

  • Prestige Restorations.
  • Furniture Refresh.
  • The Refurbished Shed.
  • Wooden Renewal.
  • True Restores.

Lively Furniture Restoration Business Names:

  • Revamp It Up.
  • Woodland Restorers.
  • Touch Up Upholstery.
  • The Wooden Stallion.
  • Refreshen Studio.

Cool Furniture Refinishing Business Name Ideas:

  • Painted Shine.
  • Enchant Decor.
  • The Gentle Upgrade.
  • Innovative Vintage.
  • Glazed Refinish.

Good Furniture Refinishing Business Names:

  • ShineIt Decor.
  • Retro Restored.
  • My Vintage Finish.
  • Soho Refinishing.
  • Spruce & Blossom.


What are some real-life furniture restoration company names?

  • Furniture Medic.
  • Antique Restoration.
  • The Furniture Professionals.
  • Solutions Furniture Repair Inc.
  • McNary's Furniture & Restoration.

How do I choose a furniture restoration business name?

  1. Research the industry and your main competition and compile a list of keywords.
  2. Review your business plan and ideal customer profile and add related keywords to your list.
  3. Combine your keywords manually or use a business name generator to create name ideas.
  4. Check the availability of your top choices.
  5. Ask potential clients and family and friends for feedback.
  6. Secure your favorite name.

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