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Upcycling Business Name Ideas:


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1.Sew Much Better

This creative name suggests that your upcycling business gives old clothing a new, better life. "Sew" implies that your products are handmade and gives a nod to your artistry.

2.Junkyard Crafts

A sweet and catchy name that alludes to your business's ability to turn discarded items into beautiful products that exude creativity. "Crafts" sounds artsy and is well-suited to a metal, glass, or wood upcycling business.


This cool name implies that your upcycling business will turn trashed items into treasured products that will happily live on in clients' homes. The alliteration of the "T" is fun and snappy.


A short yet memorable name that plays on the idea that your business will renew and refurbish vintage items. It's a versatile name that will fit a furniture or clothing upcycling company.

5.Alchemy Stock

"Alchemy" is all about transformation, so this impressive name is a sublime choice for an upcycling business that turns scrap metal, plastic, or steel into lovely products, furniture, or decorative pieces.

6.Fab Fix

If your upcycling business is all about repairing pre-loved items with flair and sass, this name will perfectly convey your message.

7.Hidden Jewels

A charming name that feels powerful and reminds customers that there are always a few gems hidden among discarded items. Perfect for an upcycling business that works with vintage goods.


The capitalized word "eco" implies that your business focuses on sustainability and green living. It's a superb choice for a designer upcycling brand that creates high-quality goods from recyclable items.

9.The New Cycle

This straightforward and authoritative name indicates that your upcycling business breathes new life into old products.

10.Salvage Culture

A trendy name that sounds modern and unique. It suggests that your brand salvages and repurposes items with style in mind.

Business Name Generator

Business Name Generator

Enter words related to your business to get started.

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How do I come up with a catchy upcycling business name?

  • Think about what your business represents, its location, and its target market.
  • Write down a few keywords that best describe the items you upcycle or refurbish.
  • Feed the keywords into a business name generator.
  • Make a list of your favorite names and show them to friends or family for feedback.
  • After taking the feedback into consideration, choose the best name for your upcycling business.
  • Check if the name is available and register it.

What are some rustic upcycling business names?

  • Alchemy Stock.
  • Junkyard Crafts.
  • Fab Fix.
  • Hidden Jewels.

What are some trendy upcycling business name ideas?

  • The New Cycle.
  • Salvage Culture.
  • ECODesigns.
  • Sew Much Better.

What are some catchy names for an upcycling business?

  • Trash2Treasure.
  • Fab Fix.
  • ECODesigns.
  • Junkyard Crafts.

Is there an upcycling business name generator?

Yes, you can use our business name generator to create a unique name for your upcycling business. After you've registered the perfect one, go to Zarla to design a cool logo to match your new business name.

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