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Knitting Business Name Ideas:


Business Name


1. Knitting Grandmas

A super cute name that could work well for a quirky, family-owned business.

2. Trendy Knits

An informative name that could suit a variety of businesses.

3. Knitted Sleepwear

Simple and meaningful. Synonymous with comfort and attention to detail.

4. Reknitted

For a store that specializes in revamping old knitted pieces.

5. Knitted Babe

Could work for a business that offers trendy pieces, or one that caters to infants.

6. Knitting Party

A fun name that would work well for a business that sells knitting supplies.

7. Knits Galore

Implies that the business stocks a wide variety of offerings.

8. Knitted Plushies

For a business that specializes in stuffed toys.

9. Knitted and Stitched

Simple but catchy. References the techniques used to make the products.

10. Knitting for Beginners

Great for a store that sells learning materials and other resources needed to start knitting.

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More Knitting Business Name Ideas:

Good Knitting Etsy Shop Names:

  • Kitten Kiss Knitters.
  • Plush Yarn Artistry.
  • Sweet Knits Co.
  • The Wool Goddess.
  • Colorful Knitz.

Funny Knitting Blog Names:

  • Yarn It Well.
  • Wool Purr.
  • Sew Joyful Knitting.
  • Wooly Wish.
  • Sister Knit.

Unique Knitting Business Names:

  • Sparkle Ball Yarn.
  • Fuzzy Fox Knitting.
  • Knits2Know.
  • Sew Chic Wool & Thread.
  • Cherry Knit Nook.

Catchy Knitting Company Names:

  • Hook Em' Woolwork.
  • Cozy Sweater Co.
  • Fancy Yarn Crafts.
  • Twisted Ball o' Art.
  • The Yarn Guyz.

Clever Knitting Business Names:

  • I'm Knit Picky.
  • Knitery Knight.
  • Have a Ball Knitting Co.
  • Fast Yarn Fun.
  • Knit Wit Emporium.

Creative Knitting Shop Names:

  • Le Petit Knits.
  • Socks & Warmth Apparel.
  • A Knitted Stitch.
  • Wooled Up Knitting.
  • My Yarn Peddler.

Memorable Knitting Business Names:

  • Jazzy Yarnworks.
  • Teddy's Knitting Needles.
  • Yarn Solo.
  • Silver Stitch Shop.
  • Angel Wool Wear.

Cool Knitting Store Names:

  • Knit4Two.
  • Dolly Knitting.
  • Yarns of Love.
  • My Wool Wonderland.
  • YarnNeedle Yes!

Fun Pom Pom Business Names:

  • Ball o' Color.
  • Puff Pom.
  • Wool Puffles.
  • Pom's Knitwork.
  • Love2Pom.

Cute Knitting Club Names:

  • Sitting 'n' Knitting.
  • Lil' Knit Knowers.
  • Yarn & Wine.
  • What's The Wool?
  • All U Knit Is Luv.


How do I choose a name for my knitting business?

Choosing a knitting business name can be difficult. Present your favorite name suggestions to prospective clients and trusted loved ones. Then, analyze their feedback to determine which of the ideas are most brandable. Give it a little while to see if one of these grows on you, and then proceed to check availability to be certain that you can really own your favorite name.

What are some knitting terms?

  • Backstitch.
  • Cross-stitch.
  • Invisible seam.
  • Kitchener stitch.
  • Lifeline.
  • Overhand seam.
  • Pom-pom.
  • Purl (stitch)

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