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Fabric Store Business Name Ideas:


Business Name


1. Retail Silk

A clever play on the word "silk" suggesting the service is silky smooth.

2. Satin & Silk

The name sounds and looks good. Definitely for a high-end store selling excellent quality material.

3. Go Velvet

A trendy and catchy name suggesting urgency and style. Very memorable.

4. Threads Count

Playing on the idea of "thread count," the name emphasizes quality and a commitment to the best.

5. Got Silk?

Playing with the popular milk brand, this is a playful name that won't easily be forgotten.

6. Top Yardage

This is a strong statement. It makes clever use of sewing terminology, which makes it evocative.

7. Threadquarters

For a store selling everything one would need to work with fabric. Clever play on "headquarters."

8. My Thread Station

A name that evokes feelings of trust and familiarity.

9. Weave World

Perfect for any fabric store, but especially one specifying in all things weave.

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More Fabric Store Business Name Ideas:

Home Textile Brand Names:

  • Tasty Textiles.
  • Freaky Fabrics.
  • Ariadne's Threads.
  • Organicloth.
  • Velvet Vortex.

Old Fabric Store Names:

  • Denim & Tulle.
  • Old Country Cloth.
  • The Drapery.
  • Vintage Fabrics.
  • Brocade Bazaar.

Weaving Company Names:

  • Weavemaster.
  • Colorful Fabrics.
  • Threadster.
  • Texitland.
  • The Fabric District.

Cute Fabric Store Names:

  • Chez Georgette.
  • Tweed & Twill.
  • Fantastic Fabrics.
  • The Cotton Tree.
  • Fabricare.

Interesting Cotton Business Names:

  • YarNation.
  • Cotton Bazaar.
  • Yarnscape.
  • Yarnify.
  • The Cotton Crafters.

Memorable Fabric Shop Names:

  • Tailor's Paradise.
  • Finest Fabrics.
  • Satin Nation.
  • Linen & Lace.
  • Fancy Fabrics.

Creative Fabric Business Names:

  • Fabricated.
  • Cashmere Chic.
  • Muslin Mania.
  • The Materialist.
  • The Thread Zone.

Catchy Silk Shop Names:

  • Silk Road.
  • Maison Chiffon.
  • Mulberry Textiles.
  • Gauze Galore.
  • Silkland.

Fun Fabric Shop Names:

  • Needle & Thread.
  • Riveting Fabrics.
  • Crazy Crepe.
  • The Creative Needle.
  • Dye Hard.


How do I choose a name for my fabric store business?

  1. Make a list of your best name ideas and take a look at our examples for inspiration.
  2. Give each one a score out of five for how the name looks, how it sounds, for whether it makes sense, and finally, and the emotions it brings out in people.
  3. The name with the highest score out of twenty is your best.

How do you name a textile company ?

To name your textile company, try creating a list of name ideas by assembling words related to the textile industry using NameSnack. You can also consult our examples for some inspiration.

What are some examples of fabric brand names?

  • Saint Gobain Tape Solutions.
  • Fabrico.
  • Under Armour.
  • Bally Ribbon Mills.
  • Toray Industries.

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