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Textiles Business Name Ideas:


Business Name


1. World of Textiles

A simple choice that's a dream to market. "World" hints that your business stocks a large variety.

2. Top Textiles

This sleek & modern name will surely attract your target market. "Top" hints that you have taste.

3. Silk n' Sew

An effortless choice that is easy to remember. Perfect for a business that specializes in silk.

4. The Weaver

Punchy & unique. This gem could work well for a textiles business looking to expand some day.

5. Cotton Court

A catchy name that simply rolls off the tongue. "Court" adds a sense of authority and intrigue.

6. Textiles Express

A strong, marketable name that promises variety and quick service.

7. Velvet City

Sounds elegant and seductive. "Velvet" has connotations of sophistication and richness.

8. Organza Outlet

Simple and smart, the perfect combination for your textiles business. Great for an organza expert.

9. Yarn Bay

A memorable and clever choice that has a modern appeal to it. You'll enjoy creating the logo.

10. Taste of Cotton

An intriguing and unique name that instantly draws attention. Offers many branding possibilities.

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More Textiles Business Name Ideas:

Unique Textiles Business Names:

  • Canvas Crafters.
  • Weft Weavers.
  • Fun & Chiffon.
  • Cotton Crosses.
  • Damask Designs.

Catchy Names for a Textile Business:

  • Cash 4 Cashmere.
  • Georgette & Garments.
  • Jersey Textiles Team.
  • Lace & Lovers.
  • Muslin Made.

Home Textile Brand Names:

  • Leather Line.
  • Mrs. Merino.
  • Organic Organza.
  • Prime Polyester.
  • Satin Sins.


How do you name a textile company?

  1. Comb over your business and marketing plans to identify keywords.
  2. Brainstorm name ideas and feed them to a business name generator.
  3. Share your ideas with peers and ask for feedback.
  4. Use online polls and surveys.
  5. Check name availability in the state.
  6. Choose a catchy name and register it.

What's the best name for a textile business?

The best name for a textile business is one that's unique to your brand, easy to pronounce, and memorable. For ideas on what to name your textile business, navigate to NameSnack to create dozens of original business name ideas. Alternatively, read through our list of textile business names to spark your imagination.

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