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Aquarium Business Name Ideas:


Business Name


1. Salt Water Zoo

A fun name that creates images of all the different sea creatures you can find in an aquarium.

2. Aquarium Loop

"Loop" lets pet fish owners know that your aquarium business will continuously take care of them.

3. Echo Aquarium

This creative name plays on echolocation and provides great logo design opportunities.

4. Gallon Bay

Nautical sounding name that is a great fit for seeing what can be found "in the waters of the bay."

5. Spark Aquarium

A visit to this aquarium may spark a desire in kids to learn more about sea life!

6. My Sea Mystic

This lyrical name rolls of the tongue and makes you think about how mystical sea life can be.

7. Ever Aquarium

A cute name for an aquarium maintenance business to tell your customers that they always come first.

8. Salt Water Storm

This name is catchy and exciting and will draw customers of all ages!

9. Vibe Ocean

A cool, modern name to draw out your customers' emotions and help them to enjoy the ocean.

10. Gallon Dock

This catchy name evokes images of pulling up to the dock and viewing all the water around you.

Aquarium Service Business Names

Find a memorable name for your aquarium service business.

More Aquarium Business Name Ideas:

Creative Aquarium Business Names:

  • I Sea You.
  • Marine Menagerie.
  • The Sea Safari.
  • Ocean Planet.
  • Peguin's Paradise.

Unique Aquarium Business Names:

  • The Marine Zoo.
  • The Oceanarium.
  • The Dolphin Kingdom.
  • Blue Ocean Reef.
  • Deep Blue Aquarium.

Catchy Aquarium Business Names:

  • Spooky Sea.
  • Big Blue Sea.
  • Aloha Sea Creatures.
  • Dolphin Drive.
  • Shark Attack.

Cool Aquatic Business Names:

  • Aquaworld.
  • Aqualand.
  • Sea Wolf.
  • Ocean of Wonders.
  • 7Cs.

Inventive Aquarium Business Names:

  • Ocean Kings.
  • Oceania.
  • Poseidon's Park.
  • Sunset Sea World.
  • The Aquatic Zoo.

Modern Aquarium Shop Names:

  • Fish Life.
  • Tropicana Blue.
  • My Aquascape.
  • The Fish Lab.
  • Fish Town.

Excellent Aquarium Brand Names:

  • Blue Sun Aquarium.
  • Fishmania.
  • Hydros.
  • The Fish Tank.
  • Tank Master.

Good Aquarium Shop Names:

  • Jolly Fish.
  • The Aquatic Garden.
  • Pacific Pets.
  • The Blue Aquarium.
  • Fish Kings.

Fantastic Aquarium Shop Names:

  • Red Devil Aquascape.
  • The Fishkeepers.
  • Fish Fans.
  • Reef Pets.
  • Waterscape City.

Funny Fish Store Names:

  • Fishy Friends.
  • The Fisherie.
  • The Jelly Fish.
  • Fish are Friends.
  • Fishful Thinking.


How do I choose an aquarium business name?

  1. Do some research on the aquarium business.
  2. Generate a list of related and region-specific keywords.
  3. Put your keywords through a business name generator.
  4. Check that the generated name ideas have available domain names and are available in your state.
  5. Ask for feedback from friends, family members, and potential customers.
  6. Get the name.

What are some famous aquarium names around the world ?

  • Georgia Aquarium; Atlanta, USA.
  • Chimelong Ocean Kingdom; Hengqin, People's Republic of China.
  • Dubai Mall Aquarium; Dubai, UAE.
  • Shedd Aquarium; Chicago, USA.
  • Oceanographic; Valencia, Spain.
  • S.E.A. (South East Asia) Aquarium; Sentosa Island, Singapore.
  • uShaka Marine World; Durban, South Africa.

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