A snorkeling business typically sells or rents safety gear and snorkeling equipment and may also offer snorkeling tours. A snorkeling business can be very successful in sunny places with lots of water and tourists and they should have an equally sunny business name. Read through NameSnack's name ideas for a snorkeling business.

Snorkeling Business Name Ideas:


Business Name



The alliteration makes this name memorable and catchy while "-scape" evokes images of wide spaces.

2.Snorkel Hub

"Hub" tells clients your business is the most popular spot for snorkeling equipment and/or tours.

3.Snorkel Atlantic

A region-specific name that tells potential customers where they'll be swimming.

4.Underwater Surf

A creative name for a business that lets people surf the underwater world.


Combining the words "swim" and "adventure," this mashup is an interesting take on the business.

6.Coast Drop

Customers can drop off the edge of the coast with this business to explore the amazing seabed.

7.My Colorful Coral

A fun, catchy name that brings beautiful pictures to mind and tells people what to expect.

8.Lively Turtle

This quirky name points out how a person can be ungainly out of their element but still have fun.

9.The Vivid Shell

"Vivid" will pull strong images and emotions from customers and bring excitement about snorkeling.

10.My Lively Sea

"My" personalizes the snorkeling experience for each person and "lively" invokes positive feelings.

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What are some famous snorkeling business names?

  • Explore!
  • REI Adventures.
  • On The Go Tours.
  • Silversea.
  • Wilderness Travel.

What are some unique snorkeling business names?

  • Snorkelscape.
  • Underwater Surf.
  • Coast Drop.
  • Lively Turtle.

How do I choose a snorkeling business name?

  • Research the snorkeling business.
  • Generate a list of keywords related to the business and/or region.
  • Combine words from your list to create unique names.
  • Run your keywords through a name generator, like NameSnack.
  • Shortlist your favorite names and check them for domain and state availability.
  • Ask for feedback from friends, family, and potential customers.

What are some catchy snorkeling business names?

  • Snorkel Hub.
  • Snorkel Atlantic.
  • Swimture.

What are some cool snorkeling business names?

  • My Colorful Coral.
  • The Vivid Shell.
  • My Lively Sea.

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