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Nautical Business Name Ideas:


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1. Seadog Blue

A striking and evocative name using the color of the ocean and a slang term for a sailor.

2. Knot & Bell

A great name for a seaside pub, this is a compelling name that pairs two pivotal nautical elements.

3. Sterncastle

A sterncastle is the back of a sailing ship that houses the captain's cabin. Strong name.

4. Pelagic Compass

This name suggests your business is at the pinnacle of open ocean navigation.

5. Mast & Reef

Another superb option for a pub, or even a nautical clothing brand.

6. Admiralty Ahoy

Authoritative and true to nautical terminology, this is a name that is hard to forget.

7. Sea Cross

Simple and short, this name evokes a bold image and suggests mastery.

8. Seven Bells

Evoking a clear image and even conjuring the ringing of the bells, this is a fantastic name.

9. Nautilus Fathom

A nautilus is a type of sea creature but also the legendary craft of Captain Nemo.

10. Harbor Gull

This name just sounds awesome. It rolls off the tongue and evokes a crystal clear image.

11. Crystal Warf

This name suggests high-end quality and excellent, exclusive service.

12. Marine Helm

This name says your business is at the top of its game.

13. Lofty Seahorse

Quirky and fun, this name is ideal for a B&B, backpackers, or restaurant.

14. The Hearty Mariner

Another name for a bar or seafood restaurant, it is easy to say and make sense of.

15. CurrentHouse

Combining "ocean current" with "lighthouse," this is an original and authentic name.

16. Verne's Anker

Jules Verne wrote 20 Thousand Leagues Under the Sea, a classic nautical adventure novel.

17. Neptune's Crown

This name suggests your business is the most cherished in all the seas.

18. Sail Bound

For a seadog sort of brand, this name suggests a soul connection with the seafaring life.

19. Ocean Spray

More straightforward yet very effective as a name.

20. Salty Crossing

A less serious name that is easy to say, read, and remember. Ideal for a clothing brand or store.

Ocean Business Names

Cool ocean-inspired name ideas for your business.

More Nautical Business Name Ideas:

Nautical Brand Names:

  • The Tiide.
  • Aqua-Star.
  • Harbor Lane.
  • Reefsy.
  • First Fin.

Ocean Company Names:

  • Captain's Logistic.
  • Escape Seas.
  • Ocean Blue Boats.
  • The Ocean Party.
  • Royale Reef.

Good Nautical Company Names:

  • See My Seas.
  • Atlantic Sun Cruises.
  • The Ocean One.
  • Blue Star Craft.
  • The Sea Scout.

Unique Coastal Business Names:

  • The Lobster Squad.
  • A Marine to Boat.
  • Champ Charters.
  • Coastal on the Fly.
  • Docks 'n' More.

Tropical Nautical Business Names:

  • The Crab Dock.
  • Tropical Tide Co.
  • The Bright Pacific.
  • Lush Atlantic.
  • Coastal Cabana.

Nautical Bar Names:

  • Sonic Storm.
  • The Shy Sailor.
  • Marine Mayhem.
  • Ripple Rum.
  • Wild Laguna Bar.

Anchor Company Names:

  • Anchor Atlantic.
  • Dock-Sea.
  • Lay Your Berth.
  • Anchor Ave.
  • Yours on Deck.

Good Marine Company Names:

  • Coast Star Ship.
  • The Pink Pier.
  • My Sea Voyage.
  • The Titan's Tide.
  • Wavey Warriors.


How can I come up with some nautical business names?

  1. Search for nautical images and icons.
  2. Write down as many nautical terms as you can think of.
  3. Combine your keywords manually and with the help of a business name generator.
  4. Share your favorite options with friends and family and request their feedback.
  5. Check name availability with the state.
  6. Secure your chosen name.

What makes a business name nautical?

If it captures the seafaring life in all its adventure, risk, and grandeur, and if it makes use of sea life, oceanic elements, and/or navigational terminology, then it can be considered a nautical business name.

What companies have nautical-themed business names?

  • Feadship.
  • MasterCraft Boat Company.
  • Nautor’s Swan.
  • Boston Whaler.
  • Sea Ray.
  • Metal Shark.
  • Gulf Craft LLC.
  • Malibu Boats, Inc.

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