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Swimming Pool Business Name Ideas:


Business Name


1. Pure Lap

Suggestive of pristine waters and the use of safe chemicals.

2. Pool Push

A play on the phrase "push and pull." This, combined with alliteration, makes it a catchy option.

3. Eternity Repairs

Evokes images of eternity pools, but also suggests that the company offers reliable services.

4. Pool Evolution

Ideal for a company that's able to transform even the grimiest of swimming pools with ease.

5. Pool Sanctuaries

The perfect place to purchase pool supplies and seek expert advice.

6. Ready Splash

Playful and unique. Evokes auditory and visual imagery which make the name memorable.

7. All Day Swim

For a business that uses chemicals which allow clients uninterrupted access to their pools.

8. Restore Lap

Simple but memorable. Suitable for a repair and/or pool cleaning company.

9. Starter Pool

Ideal for businesses that install pools or sell installation kits.

10. Oceanside Repair

For a company that specializes in saltwater pools. Bonus points if you're situated along the coast!

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More Swimming Pool Business Name Ideas:

Unique Swimming Pool Business Names:

  • Poolicious.
  • Sparkle Pools.
  • My Precious Pool.
  • Mermaid Pools.
  • Blue Desert.

Catchy Swimming Pool Business Names:

  • Poolify.
  • Pool Me Up.
  • Cool Pool.
  • Pool Party.

Professionnal Swimming Pool Company Names:

  • The Pool Pros.
  • Clear Blue Service.
  • Blue World.
  • The Modern Pool Company.
  • Aquatech.

Best Pool Company Names:

  • Infinity Pools.
  • Pool & Sun.
  • So Pool.
  • Poolife.
  • Dip 'n' Dive.

Good Pool Service Names:

  • Wave Techs.
  • Crystal Clear Pools.
  • Poolytics.
  • Pure Pool.
  • Pool Solutions.

Cool Pool Company Names:

  • WaterWorks Pools.
  • Crystal Lagoon Pools.
  • Princess Pools.
  • Lady of the Pool.
  • Triton.

Catchy Pool Company Names:

  • The Pool Club.
  • Pool Paradise.
  • Daddy Pool.
  • Poseidon Pools.
  • Waterful Life.

Good Pool Company Names:

  • The Pool Creators.
  • Pool Polish.
  • Splash Pools.
  • Summer Cool Pools.
  • The Pool Patrol.


How do I choose a name for my swimming pool business?

  1. Use a business name generator to come up with a few good examples.
  2. Eliminate misleading options, as well as those that don't portray a favorable image of your business.
  3. Ask trusted friends, relatives, and potential clients for their thoughts on each of your shortlisted ideas.
  4. Test how memorable each name is.
  5. Select a unique name that is catchy, meaningful, and easy to spell and pronounce.
  6. Check name availability.
  7. Secure the name.

What are some well-known swimming pool business names ?

  • California Pools & Landscape.
  • Luxe h2o, Inc.
  • Blue Haven Pools and Spas.
  • Florida Leak Locators.
  • The Pool Company, Inc.
  • Designer Pool Company.
  • Barrington Pools.
  • Luxury Pools and Living.

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