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Appliance Repair Business Name Ideas:


Business Name


1. Home Fix Crew

A short and memorable name that tells potential customers what you do.

2. Repair Vibe

A simple but energetic name that conveys passion and dedication to your work.

3. The Fixpert

A clever combination of the words "fix" and "expert," this name is sure to attract interest.

4. Install & Repair

A name that is easy to remember, simple, and straightforward about the type of work you do.

5. Home Appliance Heroes

A fun and catchy name that positions your business as a fast and efficient service provider.

6. Repair Spark

A name that implies expertise and know-how, suitable for an electric appliance repair business.

7. Mend Meister

A catchy name that implies experience and expertise, ideal for a household appliance repair service.

8. Repair Sync

Short and snappy, this name is easy to remember and makes the prime focus of your business apparent.

9. Appliance Tiger

A name that associates your business with the characteristics of an impressive and powerful hunter.

10. Avid Repairs

Simple and clear, this name expresses your keen interest and expertise in appliance repairs.

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More Appliance Repair Business Name Ideas:

Unique Appliance Repair Business Names:

  • Home Shine Doctor.
  • Allstate Repairs.
  • A1 House Services.
  • Brand-N-Fix.
  • iRepair All.

Catchy Home Appliance Repair Business Names:

  • Eez-In Electric.
  • Repair Authority.
  • Star Appliance.
  • Echo Service Center.
  • Plumb And Fix.

Cool Appliance Repair Business Names:

  • Big Chimp Electrical.
  • Air Prime Electric.
  • Home Quick Service.
  • Pristine Appliance.
  • Guru Components.

Creative Appliance Repair Company Names:

  • Appliance Repair Dude.
  • Luxel Electric.
  • Karma Appliances.
  • All Appliance Works.
  • New Life Electric.

Great Appliance Repair Business Names:

  • Pavilion Electric.
  • Buck’s Repairs.
  • A Spark Electric.
  • Coast Power LLC.
  • Linc Electrical.


How do I choose an appliance repair business name?

  1. Make a list of keywords that describe the nature and character of your business.
  2. Look for synonyms and related words.
  3. Combine words to create name ideas.
  4. Use a business name generator.
  5. Review your list and reduce it to 5 names.
  6. Test your names by asking potential customers for feedback.
  7. Check name availability.
  8. Make a choice.
  9. Secure the name.

What are some existing appliance repair company names?

  • Sears Home Services.
  • Mr. Appliance.
  • Bosch Home Appliances Service.
  • The Appliance Doctor.
  • Puls.

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