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Repair Business Name Ideas:




1. Fast Fix

If your company is known for speedy services and quality repairs, this name will say it all. Simple, elegant, and to the point. Fixing things fast is what you do best. Paired with a classy logo, this brand name would look great on business cards.

2. Electric Avenue

The place that you are going to "rock down to" for all your electrical repair needs. This brand name cleverly uses the title of a popular song to make your electrical repair company name stick in the minds of everyone who sees it. The music plays, and your name is remembered.

3. Radical Repairs

Modern and hip, this name would work well for a computer or tech repair store. The word "Radical" could also mean that you are willing to take on repair jobs that no one else would even dream of doing. While not exclusive to tech, the name does have a more youthful appeal.

4. RepairIT

The clever capitalization of the word "IT" situates your brand in the IT space. This name would work well for a company that repairs computers or internet servers. The smooshing together of the two words adds a bit of humor to the design while clearly indicating the type of repairs you do.

5. We Fix Stuff

A humorous name that is as general as you can get. Perfect for a handyman service or a store that does "general" repairs on household items. The name catches the eye and if paired with a quirky logo, will stand out from the crowd.

6. Miles of Smiles

A clever play on words, "miles" makes reference to your auto repair services, giving your customers many more miles of smiles once their car leaves your shop. This name has a playful element that will connect with customers on a personal level.

7. Mr. Fix It

Adding the "Mr." part creates a personal connection to your audience and is a good option for a handyman or family-run repair business. With this name, you can almost imagine a man in a superhero cape arriving at your door to fix your TV or computer.

8. Mobile Geek

The word "Geek" is used as a reference for a "tech expert" making this a suitable name for a computer or tech repair company. The word "Mobile" could either mean that you provide on-site services, or that you specialize in mobile device repairs.

9. SOS Electrical

A signal for distress "SOS" indicates that you will save your customers from certain ruin. This simple name is bold and descriptive leaving nothing to misinterpretation. This will work well for an electrical repair business known for being reliable and affordable.

10. ShoeLikeNew

The rhyming of the words creates a pleasant-sounding business name that will certainly stick in the minds of your customers. This name is custom-made for a shoe repair store. The claim here is that your business will transform old shoes into ones that look new.

More Repair Business Name Ideas:

Good Repair Shop Business Names:

  • The Repair Advisor.
  • Kathy’s Carpet Care.
  • Bridgets Plumbing.
  • Fixet Frank.
  • Icc Fix.

Auto Repair Business Names

Find a cool and catchy name for your auto repair business.


How do I come up with a great repair company name?

  1. Consider the type of repair services you offer, as well as your target market.
  2. Write down some keywords that best describe your business.
  3. Use a business name generator to produce some unique name ideas.
  4. Jot down your favorite names and show them to friends or family for feedback.
  5. Using their feedback, narrow down the list.
  6. Check name availability with the state.
  7. Choose the best name and register it.

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