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Waterproofing Business Name Ideas:


Business Name


1. The Watertight Team

"Watertight" not only refers to your waterproofing services but also the quality of your work. This pairs well with "Team" to convey the technical proficiency and experience of your waterproofing professionals.

2. Wetaway

A short and catchy name that effortlessly captures the nature of your waterproofing services. The name has a rhythmic charm that makes it super catchy and highly memorable for word-of-mouth referencing.

3. Ducks Back Waterproofing

Based on the well-known idiom, "like water off a duck's back," this name clearly captures the nature of your services. The quirky name conjures an image of droplets rolling off a duck's back and makes for a highly memorable business identity.

4. Basement Barrier

The alliteration makes this business name easy to remember and creates a catchy allure. "Basement" clearly communicates your area of waterproofing expertise, while "Barrier" adds strength to the name and suggests quality.

5. EverDry

A punchy, no-frills name that effortlessly communicates your waterproofing services. "Ever" creates a sense of longevity, conveying the quality and stamina of your waterproofing services.

6. Liquid Seal

This name is clear, yet versatile, and would work well for a building waterproofing business or a brand of waterproofing products, such as epoxy liners, rubber seals, and joint covers.

7. Water Shield Solutions

"Shield" evokes a sense of strength and protection, making for a powerful business identity. "Solutions" has positive connotations of problem-solving and suggests that your business can handle a range of waterproofing requirements.

8. The Hydrophobic Co.

"Hydrophobic" refers to anything that repels water and adds a sophisticated and technical element to this business name. "Co." adds to the level of professionalism and conveys a sense of proficiency and expertise.

9. Wet Guard

"Guard" gives this name strength and authority, creating a strong business identity. The name is clear, professional, and easy to remember, while being versatile enough to work for a range of waterproofing businesses.

10. No More Moisture

The alliteration gives this name a charming ring, making it super easy to remember. The name has a subtle quirkiness to it, while remaining professional. "No More" is definitive and conveys the quality and longevity of your services.

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More Waterproofing Business Name Ideas:

Good Waterproofing Business Names:

  • Weathertight Co.
  • Liquishield Waterproofing.
  • Dry Run Installers.
  • HydroGo.
  • Stan's Sealers.

Great Waterproofing Business Names:

  • The Leak Doctor.
  • Mercury Waterproofers.
  • Luxe Hydro Testing.
  • The Dry Guru.
  • E-Tech Services.


How can I come up with a name for my waterproofing business?

  1. Think about your business's specific waterproofing expertise and your primary target market.
  2. Research existing waterproofing company names and make a list of keywords that appeal to you.
  3. Use a business name generator to combine these keywords and create a range of unique business name options.
  4. Pick your favorite business name and check that it is available.
  5. Secure the name.
  6. Register the corresponding domain name.

What are some existing waterproofing company names?

  • Beyond Waterproofing.
  • All American Waterproofing & Spray.
  • Bone Dry Basement Waterproofing.
  • Perma-Seal Basement Waterproofing Systems.
  • American Waterproofing Co.

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