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Roofing Business Name Ideas:


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1. TopBeam Roofs

"TopBeam" refers to a key roof structure component and suggests sturdy and safe construction. It is a great keyword for a roofing business name, as it assures customers that you are an expert in your field and know what you are doing.

2. Beyond the Sky Roofing

This evocative name is superb for a company specializing in roof repairs and installations for high-rise buildings. Think commercial flat roofs, green roofs, built-up roofs (BUR), and more. "Beyond the Sky" may also indicate how far your company is willing to go to ensure customer satisfaction.

3. Leakbuster Roofs

A descriptive name that would attract those who have a reason to prevent or address a leaky roof. The use of "buster" in the name will let customers know that you quickly identify and fix any roof leaks.

4. Stone-Cold Steel Roofers

Punchy and powerful, this name is a reference to stone-coated steel roofing. "Stone-Cold" evokes toughness and strength, qualities customers expect from durable steel roofs. This name may also project the idea of staff that are stone-cold, hinting at their clinical approach to roof installation.

5. On Top Roofs

This name evokes images of tall rooftops and the words "On Top" also suggest superior quality. This is a great business name to let customers know that you are an expert in your field.

6. Elite Concrete Roof Repairs

"Elite" tells clients they've chosen the best name in concrete roof installation. Whether you're pouring concrete roofs or using curved, Spanish style, interlocking or shingle roof tiles, this is a solid name for your business. Can be shortened to "Elite Concrete" with a descriptive slogan or logo.

7. StayDri Roofs

A straightforward name with a creative twist that indicates the exact nature of the business. This business name indicates that you specialize in weatherproofing and fixing any leaks that may occur in your clients' homes.

8. Sunburst Roof Solutions

When the sun sneaks out from behind the clouds, your roof will need protection. By referencing the sun in your business name, customers will know this is the place to visit when they want to sunproof their roof. Whether you use reflective paints or install solar panels, this name is a great choice.

9. RoofTop

The capital "T" in this name introduces a playful angle that suggests top-notch roof construction. It is a straightforward name idea that may suggest a business that specializes in creating sturdy roofs that can support rooftop gardens, swimming pools, or leisure areas.

10. All Seasons Slate

Simple and effective, this name not only tells customers you specialize in gorgeous slate roofing, but it also lets them know slate roofs are durable and impervious to weather changes. The repetition of the "S" helps customers remember you. Add an icon of a black slate roof for added sophistication.

11. GoGreen Roofs

This name suggests that the business focuses on eco-friendly and energy efficient rooftop gardens. It may also indicate a company that offers solar panel installation or that uses eco-friendly materials in the construction of roofs.

12. Steel Sky Solutions

Whether you're focused on commercial or residential roofing, this is an excellent name for your steel roofing company. "Steel Sky" is an almost poetic way to describe buildings with metal roofs. No matter the type of steel you use — galvanized, galvalume, or weathering steel — this name's a winner.

13. FlatTop Roofs

"FlatTop" indicates a specialization in flat roof styles and evokes images of being perfectly level. It also brings to mind images of high-rise apartment buildings with functional, aesthetic roof designs.

14. Slatestallation

This name is a portmanteau of "slate" and "installation," suggesting a company that installs slate roofing. While the name may look like a mouthful on paper, it's actually quite easy and fun to say out loud. This effortless name helps to communicate your brand's efficiency and friendly staff.

15. Tin Roof

This name evokes nostalgia and tradition and might appeal to those who prefer elegant simplicity. It is a cute, simple name idea that will aid in brand memorability and help customers easily find your business through a Google search.

16. Stormy Weather Roof Solutions

This no-frills name is exactly what it describes: a company that creates tailor-made roofing solutions to help you weather the storm. A lovely choice for a roofer situated in a rainy city, such as New Orleans, West Palm Beach, or Lafayette. Be sure to add raindrops or wind swooshes to your logo.

17. Roofing Now

The word "Now" alludes to a roofing business that provides fast access to its services. It lets customers know that your business is quick and efficient in roof installations and repairs.

18. Sun & Storm Roofing

Another highly descriptive name. "Sun & Storm" tells customers they can expect to find roofing solutions perfect for hot and cold weather here. Yours is a business that repairs and installs everything from metal roofs to asphalt shingles. A wonderful choice for a roofer that does it all.

19. TopFocus Roofs

"TopFocus" suggests that your company might appeal to those desiring an aesthetically pleasing roof. It also tells customers that your workers are focused, dedicated, and skilled in their work.

20. Heaven's Garden Green Roofing

A beautiful, ethereal name for a green roofing brand. "Heaven's Garden" calls to mind idyllic green rooftops that have a small carbon footprint but make a big impact. Suited to an eco-friendly roof installation company. This name is sure to attract customers with your shared love of the environment.

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More Roofing Business Name Ideas:

Catchy Roofing Company Names:

  • TipTop Roofs.
  • ProRoof.
  • Highrise Roofs.
  • Roofs R Us.
  • Majestic Roofs.

Unique Roofing Company Names:

  • Steeplechase Roofs.
  • Undercover Roofs.
  • We R Shingle.
  • Trendy Toppings.
  • CherryOnTop Roofs.

Roof Repair Business Names:

  • Roof Rescue.
  • Leak Detectives.
  • Lift the Roof.
  • Waterproof Roof.
  • Roof Renos.

Cool Roofing Business Names:

  • Roof Medics.
  • RooFix.
  • Roof CPR.
  • Super Roofer.
  • Precision Roofing.

Good Roofer Company Names:

  • A To Z Roofing.
  • All Roofing & More.
  • Nevada Roof Pros.
  • Premier Roofing.
  • Omega Eaves.

Clever Roofer Company Names:

  • First-Rate Roofing.
  • Ultra Roofing Co.
  • Luminous Roofing Services.
  • Sundial Awnings.
  • Best Roofing & Tiles.

Catchy Roofer Business Names:

  • Pro Roofers.
  • The Roofing Company.
  • ReGen Roof Systems.
  • Arrow Roof Solutions.
  • Awnings on Main.

Witty Roofing Names:

  • 4 Seasons Roofing.
  • Right Up There.
  • Garden on Top Roofs.
  • Roof Troops.
  • Design Her Roof.


How do I come up with a roofer company name?

  1. Think about your offerings and business values.
  2. Write down keywords that best describe your products and brand.
  3. Feed the keywords into a business name generator.
  4. Test your names on potential clients and choose the best one.
  5. Check the availability of your favorite business name and secure it.

How do I choose a good roofing business name?

Write down keywords related to the roofing business. The name should ideally reveal whether your business constructs, maintains, or repairs roofs. It should also be memorable. Synonyms for keywords could spark more ideas, so be sure to consult a thesaurus. Select options that are easy to spell and pronounce. List your favorite business name options and test your ideas on family and friends.

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