Vape Shop Business Name Ideas:


Business Name


1. Puff Stuff

This name looks good, sounds good, and won't easily be forgotten. An excellent option.

2. Glow Firm

This is a clever, catchy name that suggests a fun and laid-back atmosphere.

3. Happy Dragon Vape Shop

Playing on the idea of a dragon blowing smoke, this name is stylish and memorable.

4. The Puff Club

Exclusive and upmarket, but still having a touch of street cred, this name is hard to beat.

5. E-Rupt Vape Shop

Evoking the image of a volcano and using the "e" from "e-cigarette," makes this a great one.

6. Smolder Vape Shop

This compelling name evokes the familiar image of coal glowing in a fireplace.

7. Bonfire Vaping

The striking image of flames burning sky-high makes this name memorable and bold.

8. Midnight Vaping

Simple yet striking. Any name with "midnight" in it is, in our view, a winner.

9. Heavy Cloud Vape Shop

Evocative of big, shapely vapor clouds wafting through the air, this name is a great option.

10. Vape Spot

Simple, short, and easy to remember, this name is ideal for the straightforward, no thrills brand.

How to Name a Business

Learn how to choose and secure a name for your business.

More Vape Shop Business Name Ideas:

Cool Vape Shop Names:

  • Spice Fire Vape.
  • The Smoking Viper.
  • Prime Tonic.
  • Vape Xtreme.
  • The Dragon Air.

Catchy Vape Shop Names:

  • Savage Smokers.
  • Cherry Aroma.
  • Krazy Kloud.
  • Steamzy.
  • The Mist Mogul.

Unique Puff Bar Names:

  • Vape The Limit II.
  • Vaponix.
  • The Smoke Zone.
  • The Modern Puff.
  • Ruff Smoke Shop.

Stylish Vape Shop Names:

  • E-Royale.
  • The New Blaze.
  • Honest Haze.
  • Pipes X Vapor.
  • Vape-A-Grade.

Clever Vape Shop Names:

  • Team-V.
  • The Sweet Blaze.
  • Honest-In-Hale.
  • Puff Patrol.
  • The Flame Kings.

Good Vape Shop Names:

  • U-Vape.
  • Lite Up!
  • E-Juice.
  • Magic Flavorz.
  • The Vapour Box.

Funny Vape Shop Names:

  • It's Vape Night.
  • Mom's Smoke Shop.
  • Pipe Xpress.
  • E-Cigarotron.
  • Smokey's Shuttle.


How do I find the best name for my vape shop business?

  1. Review your business plan, target market, and top competitor outline.
  2. Compile a list of keywords.
  3. Add synonyms and related phrases to your list.
  4. Use a business name generator to create name ideas.
  5. Shortlist your favorite names and check their availability.
  6. Ask for feedback from friends and family.
  7. Secure the name.

What are some real-life vape company names?

  • Indy Vapes.
  • Vapor Maven.
  • Ohmen Vapors.
  • Ayot Vapor.
  • Buzzn Smoke & Vape Shop.
  • Staxx Smoke and Vape Shop.

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