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Tea House Business Name Ideas:


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1.The Chaji

The "chaji" is the formal tea ceremony in Japan, which includes several steps, food, and different types of teas, and can often take up to four hours to complete. Using this business name will give your tea house a traditional aesthetic and invite customers to linger over their teacups.

2.Teacups & Tatamis

This fun, alliterative name idea alludes to two of the items found in a traditional tea ceremony: the cups used to hold the tea and the tatami mats that cover the floors of the tea house. It is a cute name idea that will draw customers' attention and remain in their thoughts.

3.The Kyoto Sensation

A great name idea that references a province in Japan famous for its tea ceremonies. This business name will leave customers curious to experience the intriguing sensation that is a perfectly made cup of quality tea.

4.The Sencha Garden

"Sencha" is a type of Japanese tea used often in tea ceremonies. Using "garden" in the business name creates a calming effect that will encourage customers to sit back, relax, and enjoy your variety of delicious teas.

5.Cherry Blossom Teas

A beautiful name idea that is based on a type of tea served in Japan. This name will also bring to mind images of cherry trees in full bloom, which will make a great logo for this business.

6.Tea And Sencha

This creative name idea blends Western and Eastern cultures with both words for "tea." It also provides some great ideas for decorating your tea house, as well as guiding you in the tea products you could offer.

7.Sip-A-Tea House

A more humorous name idea for a tea house that specializes in offering tasters of their best teas. By using "tea house" in the name, you tell customers exactly what your business is and what you offer.

8.Traditionally Matcha

Matcha is quickly gaining popularity as a healthy alternative to coffee, so using it in your business name will draw attention from potential customers. This name idea also alludes to the fact that matcha is traditionally used in Japanese tea ceremonies.

9.Dragon Teas

Locate your tea house firmly in the Chinese tradition with this powerful name idea. Dragons represent prosperity in Chinese culture, so linking them to your tea house is a good luck move!

10.The Tea Ceremony

A straightforward, professional name idea that tells it like it is. Customers looking to enjoy a traditional Asian tea ceremony will become intrigued by this business name and want to visit your tea house.

Business Name Generator

Business Name Generator

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What are some cool tea house business names?

  • The Chaji.
  • The Sencha Garden.
  • Sip-A-Tea House.
  • The Tea Ceremony.

What are some catchy tea house names?

  • Teacups & Tatamis.
  • Cherry Blossom Teas.
  • Traditionally Matcha.
  • Dragon Teas.

What are some unique tea house name ideas?

  • The Kyoto Sensation.
  • Tea And Sencha.
  • Dragon Teas.
  • The Tea Ceremony.

What are some existing tea house business names?

  • NobiliTea.
  • Leaf Tea House.
  • Ding Tea.
  • Urban Teahouse.
  • Simplicity & Co. Tea House.

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