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Bubble Tea Business Name Ideas:


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1. The Sweet Pop

This cute name references both the sweetness of the tapioca and the bubbles they're named for.

2. Tea Squeak

A fun, nonsense name that is catchy and memorable. This would make a great milk tea cafe name.

3. PopGem

This cute, catchy name refers to the boba in the tea and is a trendy, memorable name.

4. The Sugar Bubble

A trendy name for a bubble tea shop that will attract customers' attention and get them curious to learn more.

5. Sweet Droplet

This fun, catchy name idea offers many different logo and slogan opportunities.

6. Shaken Bubble

Bubble tea drinks are shaken to mix all the ingredients, so this name is a perfect addition.

7. My Tea Bubble

A cool play on words that invites customers into your little world of teas and bubbles!

8. Iced Flavor

This cool name will definitely draw customers to your bubble tea store.

9. BubbleXplosion

A fun, trendy name that will entice customers to try your bubble teas.

10. The Taste Bubble

Invite customers into their own bubbles of sweetness and delicious teas.

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More Bubble Tea Business Name Ideas:

Funny Boba Shop Names:

  • Bobastic.
  • FruTea.
  • Tastea.
  • Vitamin T.
  • Bobasphere.

Cute Bubble Tea Business Names:

  • Pearly T.
  • Sweet Seduction.
  • Banana Boba.
  • Bubble Joy.
  • Pearl Pop.

Clever Bubble Tea Business Names:

  • The Bubble Party.
  • Trinity Pearls.
  • Hastea.
  • Starchaï.
  • Teagan's.

Unique Boba Tea Business Names:

  • Bubble Dragon.
  • The Pearl Parlor.
  • Cuppa Boba.
  • Bubblight.
  • Boba's Tea House.

Good Bubble Tea Company Names:

  • Tasty Tapioca.
  • Poppy Pearls.
  • The Boba Temple.
  • Royal Bubble.
  • The Bobaman.

Unique Boba Store Names:

  • Boba Break.
  • Taiwan Pearls
  • The Boba Experience.
  • The Pearl Station.
  • Boba Bar.

Cool Bubble Tea Brand Names:

  • Boba Life.
  • Orbit.
  • Bobalicious.
  • Buddha Bubble.
  • BobaGemz.

Fun Bubble Tea Café Names:

  • Bubble Lounge.
  • Boba & Squeak.
  • The Bubble Lab.
  • The T House.
  • Tapiocafé.


How do I choose a bubble tea business name?

  1. Think about the image you want to present and compile a list of keywords.
  2. Research the bubble tea industry and add related keywords to your list.
  3. Combine keywords or run them through a business name generator.
  4. Check domain and state availability for your favorite name ideas.
  5. Ask for feedback on your top choices.
  6. Secure the best name.

How do I use a boba shop name generator?

You can enter some keywords into NameSnack to generate a large variety of unique business name ideas. Alternatively, browse through our list of bubble tea business names for inspiration.

What are some real-life bubble tea business names?

  • Cha Bubble Tea.
  • Tiny Bubbles Tea Bar & Gift Shop.
  • Hey Boba.
  • The Bubble Tea Shop.
  • Millions of Milk Tea.
  • The Bubble Hut.
  • Quickly Boba Tea.

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