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Juice Bar & Smoothie Business Name Ideas:


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1.Lychee Pulp

A fun name that hints at the type of business. Great for a company that uses less common fruits.

2.Frozen Dates

Ideal for a smoothie business that uses dates, among other ingredients.


A combination of the words "raw" and "metropolis." For a business that specializes in raw juice.

4.Café Fruit

Simple but memorable. Could work for a juice and/or smoothie bar.

5.Nana Smoothie

Here, "Nana" is short for "Banana" — a staple ingredient in most smoothie businesses.

6.Honest Juice

A catchy name that could work well for a company that sells raw juice.

7.Blended Pulp

Evokes visual and auditory imagery, which make the name memorable.

8.Fruit Table

Conjures up images of gatherings. Ideal for a business that has a wide range of offerings.

9.Frozen Kiwis

A fun, summery business name that could work for a smoothie and/or juice bar.

10.Just Blended

Suggests freshness while alluding to the process of making juices and smoothies.

Business Name Generator

Business Name Generator

Enter words related to your business to get started.

Juice Business Names

Tasty and creative name recommendations for your juice business.


What are some unique juice bar name ideas?

  • Lychee Pulp.
  • Frozen Dates.
  • Rawopolis.
  • Café Fruit.

What are some clever smoothie business names?

  • Nana Smoothie.
  • Frozen Kiwis.
  • Blended Pulp.
  • Fruit Table.

What are some catchy names for a juice and smoothie bar?

  • Sparkling Pulp.
  • Honest Juice.
  • Just Blended.
  • Honest Pulp.

What are some clever juice and smoothie shop names?

  • Juice Genics.
  • Squeeze Tap.
  • Smoothie Yard.
  • Clear Pulp.

How do I know if my juice bar's name is good?

Test it on family, friends, and potential customers. Ideally, the name should be SEO-friendly, easy to pronounce and spell, and representative of your business's identity. It should also allude to your offerings.

What are some well-known smoothie business names?

  • Smoothie King.
  • Jamba.
  • Maui Wowi.
  • Planet Smoothie.
  • Tropical Smoothie Café.
  • Surf City Squeeze.
  • Smoothie Factory.
  • NrGize Lifestyle Café.

What are some good milkshake shop name ideas?

  • Just Blended.
  • Frozen Kiwis.
  • Blended Pulp.
  • Frozen Dates.

Is there a juice bar name generator?

Yes, NameSnack is a free tool that generates scores of brandable and unique business name ideas. Simply enter a few keywords that represent your juice bar, and you'll have results within moments.

What are some tropical smoothie names?

  • Just Blended.
  • Nana Smoothie.
  • Sunrise Smoothies.
  • Sweet Dream Smoothies.

What are some good names for juice businesses?

  • SummerCrush Smoothies.
  • Flip Sip.
  • Frozen Kiwis.
  • Fruit Table.

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