A produce business may specialize in growing and selling vegetables, fruit, grains, and other crops. Other produce businesses include wholesalers, farmers' markets, and fruit stands. As naming your business can be quite a challenging task, we have rounded up 10 creative name ideas to help you kickstart the naming process.

Produce Business Names:


Business Name



This alliterative name tells customers where to go to find the freshest fruit in town.


A clever hybrid name for a vegetable farm, wholesaler, or fruit & veg stand.

3.Veggie Garden

This cute, simple name is a great choice for a friendly neighborhood fruit stand or green grocer.


A catchy name for a farmer's market where customers can purchase a wide variety of fresh produce.


Tell customers that you're an expert in grain farming with this impactful name.

6.The Grain Farmer

A simple yet effective name for a business that grows and harvests grain crops.


This straightforward name is a great option for a retailer of organic fruit & vegetables.

8.My Nutritious Food

"My" personalizes this name that tells customers where to source their favorite fruit & veggies.


This charming name suggests a lush, beautiful garden where a variety of fruit and vegetables grow.


Tell customers that you're a trustworthy "farm to table" business with this catchy name.

How to Name a Farm Business

An Eight-Step Process to Naming a Farm Business

Organic Store Names

Fun, captivating name ideas for your organic store.


What are some good names for a vegetable business?

  • VegetablEarth.
  • ProducePlate.
  • My Nutritious Food.
  • Veggie Garden.

What are some companies with fruit names?

  • Raspberry Pi.
  • Apple.
  • Peach (social network app).
  • Blackberry.

What are some catchy fruit stand names?

  • FruitererFresh.
  • SeedlingFair.
  • ProducEden.

What are some unique vegetable delivery business names?

  • ProducePlate.
  • My Nutritious Food.
  • Veggie Garden.
  • GrainGrow.

What are some cool vegetable market names?

  • NutritiousMarket.
  • SeedlingFair.
  • VegetablEarth.
  • ProducePlate.

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