With nearly limitless flavors and fruity combinations, jam businesses have the freedom to explore creative name ideas. However, this may make choosing a suitable business name challenging, especially when you want to stand out among competitors. Consider your jam specialty, brand, and target market before picking a name. See our list of name ideas.

Jam Business Name Ideas:


Business Name


1.The Jam Batch

Good choice for those who stock a wide variety of yummy jams. Could work in an elegant font.

2.Jamming Jars

A catchy and trendy name that will be a dream to market. Great for those who offer funky jam jars.

3.House of Jam

Sounds sophisticated and classy. "House" also hints that your jams are homemade and fresh.

4.Juicy Jam Jars

A clever name that's easy to remember and market. "Juicy" implies that your jams are rich in flavor.

5.Fairy Fig

A memorable choice that says your fig jam is absolutely magical. You'll enjoy creating a fun logo!

6.Purely Jam

Subtle but still manages to draw attention. Perfect for those who prepare organic & homemade jams.

7.My Jam Jelly

A modern and cool name that has a familiar pull to it. The use of alliteration makes it catchy.

8.Jams & Co.

Simple and effortless, with plenty of expansion opportunities. Best-suited for a large business.

9.The Berry Jar

An alluring and delicious name. Ideal for those who make and sell berry-flavored jam jars.

10.Jammin' Fruit

A unique name that conjures images of various flavors. Good for those who specialize in fruity jams.

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What are some funny name ideas for a jam business?

  • Juicy Jam Jars.
  • Jamming Jars.
  • Fairy Fig.
  • Jammin' Fruit.

What are some cool name ideas for a jam & jelly business?

  • My Jam Jelly.
  • Jams & Co.
  • Juicy Jam Jars.
  • The Berry Jar.

What is a good name for a jam business?

  • The Jam Batch.
  • House of Jam.
  • Purely Jam.
  • Jamming Jars.

Where can I find a jam name generator for my business?

We recommend using NameSnack's free name generator. Our AI-powered name generator uses your keywords to generate thousands of name ideas fo jam businesses. Simply enter your keywords and ideas, complete the on-screen prompts, and NameSnack will do all the work.

How do I choose a name for my jam business?

  • Comb through your business plan and menu to identify any keywords.
  • Consider your target market and brand.
  • Brainstorm name ideas and share them with friends and family.
  • Feed your ideas to a name generator and/or online poll.
  • Check name availability with the state.
  • Choose a name and register it with the state.

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