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Tea Shop Business Name Ideas:


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1. Green Tea & Lattice

Lattice fencing inspires images of a lush garden where patrons can enjoy their afternoon tea. If your shop's specialty is green tea, this name advertises your products perfectly.

2. Lavender Tea Shop

Lavender is associated with relaxation and peace. This business name invites customers to try your tea and escape any stress they may be experiencing. Lavender is also quite aromatic, so this name sparks the imagination.

3. The Milk Tea House

If your business sells milk tea, this name advertises your products clearly. The name also establishes your shop as the best place to find milk tea. The idea of a house also invokes feelings of comfort, which tea also often provides.

4. Blush Teacup

"Blush" inspires feelings of innocence, happiness, and warmth, much like a cup of tea. Using the word "teacup" makes this name cute, as one imagines holding a small cuppa.

5. Tea Shop N° 51

This name makes your business sound exclusive and as though you are an established brand. It resembles the popular name of Chanel perfumes, associating your business with a luxury item.

6. Delightful Tea House

"Delightful" is a charming way to describe your business, as it invokes feelings of innocence and fun. The idea of a tea house of welcoming and comforting, inviting customers to purchase from you.

7. Empress of Tea

Using the word "empress" can refer to your expertise on tea, making customers trust your selection. The word can also refer to your clientele, who may feel like empresses of tea after buying your products.

8. Green Tea 2 You

The repetition of sound in this name makes it pleasant to say and easier to remember. If your tea hop specializes in green tea, this name works perfectly to let customers know. This name works well if you also offer a take-away service.

9. Blue Sky Tea House

"Blue sky" creates the image of a pleasant day, invoking positive emotions for customers. The name is simple, making it easy to remember.

10. The Pearly Teacup

A pearly teacup is both elegant and dainty, making this name sound cute but refined. This name appeals to customers who think of teatime as a luxurious break from day-to-day life.

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More Tea Shop Business Name Ideas:

Cool Tea Shop Names:

  • Oh Tea Leaf.
  • Brewery By The Cup.
  • Poppin Pekoe.
  • Brewery On Central.
  • Milk 'n Brew.

Funny Tea Shop Names:

  • What's The Tea?
  • Teazy Town.
  • The Drinkable Leaf.
  • The Pekoe Potion.
  • Yours Truly In Tea.

Catchy Milk Tea Shop Names:

  • The Pekoe Place.
  • The Milk Tea House.
  • Melt Tea Lounge.
  • The Milk Batch.
  • The Milk Tea Shop.

Cute Tea Shop Business Names:

  • Lovely Leaves & More.
  • Whip That Tea.
  • Swig Of Love.
  • The Art Of Mugging.
  • Loving Hut Brew.

Good Tea Shop Business Names:

  • The Tea Shop II.
  • One Tap Cafe.
  • Brew House Luxury.
  • Chai Crafters.
  • Pekoe Café.

Unique Tea Shop Business Names:

  • Brewster's Corner.
  • My Drinkery.
  • Sweet Milky Swirl.
  • Sparkling Pekoe.
  • Taste Of Teas Past.


What should I name my tea shop?

Your tea shop name should relate to your products, as well as the feeling you would like customers to have after visiting your shop. Consider using keywords related to your specific shop aesthetic, your product selection, or your motivation for starting a shop. Take a look at our list of examplesfor inspiration.

Where can I find a tea company name generator?

Try Namesnack — you can generate scores of free tea business name ideas by simply inputting a few keywords.

How do I come up with a catchy tea shop business name?

To make your business name catchy, you could use rhyme, alliteration, or puns. You should also use spelling that is easy to remember so that customers can find your business online.

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