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Spray Tan Business Name Ideas:


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1.Beauty Spray

A marketable and glamorous name that works well for bottled spray tan manufactures and wholesalers.

2.Glow Golden

Catchy and evocative. Refers to the golden tint of a tan, reassuring customers they'll leave happy.

3.Beauty Bronze

The alliteration makes this a memorable name that works well for slogan and logo opportunities.

4.Glow Tan

This trendy name conjures images of a natural and sparkling tan. Great for marketing purposes.

5.The Tint Beauty

A professional and credible name that references the beautiful tint a spray tan can provide.

6.Glow Bronze

Straightforward but striking. Promises your customers a glowing bronze finish.

7.Tin Tan

This fun, trendy, and catchy name was made for businesses that produce and sell spray tan in a tin.

8.Glow Organic

Great name for those that specialize in producing tanning solutions made from organic ingredients.

9.Shine Spray

A catchy name that works well for a business that manufactures and sells bottled spray tan.


The positive verb "go" suggests that customers will leave your business sparkling from a fresh tan.

Business Name Generator

Business Name Generator

Enter words related to your business to get started.

Tanning Business Names

10 glowing name ideas for your tanning business.


What are some creative spray tan business names?

  • The Tint Beauty.
  • Glow Golden.
  • GoSparkle.
  • Tin Tan.

What are some catchy spray tan business names?

  • Shine Spray.
  • Beauty Bronze.
  • Glow Golden.
  • Tin Tan.

What are some unique spray tan business names?

  • Glow Tan.
  • Glow Organic.
  • The Tint Beauty.
  • Shine Spray.

What should I name my spray tan business?

  • Beauty Spray.
  • Glow Bronze.
  • GoSparkle.
  • Glow Golden.

How do I choose a spray tan business name?

  • Review your business plan and marketing strategies.
  • Identify keywords that best describe your services, brand, and core values.
  • Use a business name generator for inspiration.
  • Conduct a Google and trademark search.
  • Check name availability with the state.
  • Choose a name that suits your brand and marketing.
  • Register your ideal name.

What are some good mobile spray tan business names?

  • Spray Tan Van.
  • GoSparkle.
  • Mobile Tan Salon.
  • Tin Tan.

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