Sicilian Restaurant Name Ideas:


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1. Slice of Sicily

A memorable name that is both innovative and modern, appealing to a youthful target market searching for a tasty slice of authentic Sicilian pizza. "Slice" alludes to your restaurant's specialty and evokes the taste of pizza, while "Sicily" emphasizes your expertise in Italian cuisine.

2. Love, Sicily

A pretty name that expresses your passion for traditional Sicilian cuisine, a characteristic that will appeal to Italian foodies all over the world. "Love," followed by a comma, reads like a farewell note on a postcard, implying that your delicious meals can transport patrons to the heart of Sicily.

3. The Stigghiola

A simple, straightforward name that sounds lovely when said out loud. Known as staple street food in Sicily, "Stigghiola" is easily recognizable and will do well to attract your target market. Matched with simple branding and meaty imagery, this name will definitely leave a lasting impression.

4. True Sicily

This name includes a message of honesty to convey authenticity and promote trust in your restaurant. "True" does well to reassure patrons that they've made the right choice, and it promises authentic meals cooked to perfection. "Sicily" highlights your niche and offers great branding possibilities.

5. Pizzolo

While this seemingly abstract name might appear unfamiliar to some, it's known as a beloved pizza that originated in Sicily. "Pizzolo" makes it clear that your restaurant specializes in pizza while still paying homage to the history of the dish, making it the ideal choice for a Sicilian pizza shop.

6. Taste of Taormina

A wonderful name that offers a simple taste of Taormina, a hilltop town on Sicily's East Coast. Known for the Teatro Antico di Taormina and its hearty cuisine, which includes Bruschettas and Arancini, adding "Taormina" to your name confirms your appreciation for Sicily and its traditional cuisine.

7. The Catania Café

This name does a good job of being distinctive and original while transporting customers to the seaside town of Catania, a charming city located on the cusp of a volcano. "Catania" allows you to sample local cuisine regardless of where you are, while "Café" lends a feeling of intimacy to the name.

8. The Sicilian Eatery

This name is simple and uncomplicated, and it will undoubtedly catch the eye of eager customers. "Sicilian" will entice customers seeking an authentic Italian meal, while "Eatery" is lovely and inviting, as if the entire family is welcomed to supper. You'll love branding this captivating name.

9. A Date with Sicily

A unique name that sounds like a slogan that customers can get used to. “Date” denotes romance and conjures images of an intimate restaurant, Italian wine, and delicious pasta. Including “with Sicily” adds character to the name and implies that your restaurant provides the full Italian experience.

10. Italian Nights

An intriguing name that evokes feelings of romance, mystery, and intimacy. “Italian” broadens your area of expertise and invites customers to explore your wide range of Sicilian cuisine, while “Nights” denotes exclusivity and helps set the tone for your restaurant.

Italian Restaurant Business Names

Scrumptious name ideas for your Italian restaurant.

More Sicilian Restaurant Name Ideas:

Memorable Sicilian Restaurant Names:

  • Sicilian Sisters.
  • Sweet Sicily.
  • Sicily Vermicelli.
  • Normasicily.
  • Modica Mouthfuls.

Good Sicilian Restaurant Names:

  • Arancini Aromas.
  • Sicilian Pasta Place.
  • Cafe Caponata.
  • Taste Trapani.
  • Catania Cuisine.

Clever Sicilian Food Truck Names:

  • Mobile Modica.
  • Trapani Truck.
  • Ricotta on Wheels.
  • Arancini Eats.
  • Busiate Bites.

Creative Sicilian Restaurant Names:

  • Sfinci Boys.
  • Cassata Club.
  • Cannoli Cafe.
  • Casa Rustica.
  • La Trattoria.

Modern Sicilian Restaurant Names:

  • The Mediterranean.
  • House of Palermo.
  • Agrodolce.
  • Granita Sicilia Cafe.
  • Amore Sicily Ristorante.


How do I come up with a Sicilian restaurant name?

  1. Consider your menu, target market, and branding strategy.
  2. Identify keywords that best describe your restaurant.
  3. Research your competitors to see what works for them.
  4. Feed your ideas and keywords to a business name generator.
  5. Create a list of your top five name ideas and ask potential customers for feedback.
  6. Conduct a name availability search in your state.
  7. Choose a memorable name and register it.

Where can I find a Sicilian restaurant name generator?

You can use NameSnack, a free and intuitive business name generator that uses machine learning and instant domain search technology to generate scores of brandable business name ideas. Simply enter a few keywords and you'll have results within moments.

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