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Pasta Business Name Ideas:


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1. Little Pasta

A worthy name for a quaint Italian restaurant that serves authentic pasta. “Little” could be a reference to the size of pasta shells, or it could set the tone for your intimate restaurant and minimalistic menu. “Pasta” references your specialty and is a noticeable name if paired with pasta imagery.

2. Papa's Pasta

This distinctive name sends the ideal message if you want to start an approachable, family-friendly pasta business. "Papa" is an endearing, personal term that implies you cherish relationships and tradition. This name would be a terrific marketing opportunity for an authentic, family-owned business.

3. Noodles & Tomato

A simple name that breaks down the key ingredients of a beloved pasta, generating a familiar pull that will help with brand awareness. "Noodles" could indicate that you specialize in a variety of pastas, whilst "Tomato" implies that you prepare fresh, zesty meals that everyone will enjoy.

4. Pasta Palace

An elaborate name that conjures images of a vast array of pasta products, making this the ideal name for a large store. The alliteration helps make the name easy to remember, while the word “Palace” allows for brand expansion. If matched with regal colors and a stylish logo, this name would shine.

5. Spaghetty

The deliberate misspelling of “spaghetti” is eye-catching and unique, features that will have customers looking twice. Perfect for a pasta brand, this name is catchy and a good conversation starter. To enhance this name’s marketing strength, add an icon and colors that evoke the taste of spaghetti.

6. Tasti-Tuscan

In this memorable name, modernism meets traditionalism, a design option that would appeal to a target market looking for traditional pasta with a twist. Thanks to its reference to Tuscany, "Tuscan" does a good job of contrasting this message, implying that authenticity is still essential to you.

7. The Italian Twist

Referencing the twisted shape pasta can make when fully cooked, this name is both on brand and easy to market. “Italian” promises customers that your pasta is prepared from authentic Italian recipes, a statement that would look smart and trustworthy when paired with a minimalistic logo design.

8. Prima Penne

The alliteration in this name stays with the customer long after they’ve left your business, making this name ideal for marketing campaigns. “Prima” sounds elegant and upscale, suiting a brand that wants to deliver quality. “Penne” rolls off the tongue and does well to highlight a beloved pasta.

9. Romeo & Linguine

With its homage to the classic "Romeo and Juliette" play, this amusing name is sure to get attention. Pasta is frequently thought of as a romantic dish to be served with fine wine by candlelight. The addition of "Romeo" reflects this romantic allure, enticing couples seeking an intimate supper.

10. In The Pasta

A unique business name that sounds like the beginning of a memorable slogan. A business that specializes in handmade pasta will benefit from a name that highlights the ingredients or inner workings of what makes its pasta good. This name could suit a pasta supplier for restaurants or retail stores.

Italian Restaurant Business Names

Scrumptious name ideas for your Italian restaurant.

More Pasta Business Name Ideas:

Unique Pasta Business Names:

  • Pacherri Palace.
  • Orzo Kitchen.
  • Fettucine Fantasy.
  • Cannelloni Cafe.
  • The Real Rigatoni.

Catchy Pasta Business Names:

  • Roman Rigatoni.
  • Lucca Linguine.
  • Ravenna Ravioli.
  • Parma Penne.
  • Venician Vermicilli.

Creative Spaghetti Business Names:

  • Sicilian String.
  • Salerno Spaghetto.
  • Rimini Ropes.
  • Twine From Turin.
  • The Spag.


Where can I find a pasta business name generator?

You can use NameSnack to generate a pasta business name. To get started, simply click on your favorite name from our collection of pasta business name ideas or navigate to our home page.

How do I come up with a good pasta business name?

  1. Think about your company's marketing approach, as well as your target market and the products you'll sell.
  2. Examine your competitors' names to see what works for them and to make sure your name does not conflict.
  3. Make a list of potential names using a business name generator.
  4. Request candid feedback from friends and relatives.
  5. In your state, conduct a trademark search and a name availability search.
  6. Choose a name that is distinctive and fits your brand.

What are some examples of Italian pasta company names?

  • Pasta Berruto.
  • Barilla.
  • Pasta Fresca Poggiolini.
  • De Cecco.
  • Pasta Garofalo.
  • Divella.
  • Rummo.
  • Baia Pasta.

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