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Saloon Business Name Ideas:


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Whether your saloon caters to sharpshooters or shooter drinkers, this fun and energetic name will definitely appeal to your target audience. It will also suit a bar with western-themed game nights.

2.Saddles & Spurs

This alliterative name combines two Wild West necessities; a horse saddle and a metal attachment to riding boots. It conjures images of cowboys riding off into the sunset and is ideal for a western saloon.

3.Giddy Up!

A snappy name that calls customers to action. It suggests that your saloon is the place to be for lots of drinks, laughs, and a jolly good time.

4.The Little Buckaroo

"Buckaroo" refers to a Californian cowboy and makes for a great reference to the Wild West. The word "little" could imply that your saloon or restaurant is child-friendly and evokes images of little cowboys and cowgirls running around.

5.Sheriff's Place

If you want your business name to convey a message of friendliness and comfort, a word like "place" is a superb way to go. Sheriffs were always present in the Old West, so it strengthens the authenticity of this name.

6.Red Rock Lounge

Referencing the red dust and rocky outcrops of the West, this charming name implies that your business has a laid-back feeling and is a good gathering spot for fans of the Wild West.


This bold name calls both outcasts and lawmen to gather and enjoy food and beverages together. It gives a subtle nod to the rugged, unpolished Old West.

8.Desert Flower

Flowers aren't very prevalent in the Wild West, so this cute name suggests that your saloon is an oasis in a desert. It could also hint that your business uses natural, clean ingredients to create signature beverages or meals.

9.Elk Creek Saloon

A professional name that feels authentically Western. It's got lots of great branding potential and sounds like a place a typical cowboy would frequent for a refreshing drink.


This cowboy-themed expression of enthusiasm is all about making customers feel excited to visit your saloon bar or restaurant.

Business Name Generator

Business Name Generator

Enter words related to your business to get started.

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Where can I find a Western saloon name generator?

You can use our business name generator to create a unique name for your western saloon. Once you've secured the ideal name, go to Zarla to design a fun logo to match your new business name.

What are some catchy saloon business names?

  • Saddles & Spurs.
  • Elk Creek Saloon.
  • The Little Buckaroo.
  • Giddy Up!

What are some cool saloon names?

  • Desert Flower.
  • Red Rock Lounge.
  • Outlawed.
  • LuckyShot.

What are some funny saloon bar names?

  • YeeHaw.
  • The Little Buckaroo.
  • Giddy Up!
  • Saddles & Spurs.

What are some real-life saloon names?

  • Silver Dollar Saloon.
  • Pinos Altos.
  • White Elephant Saloon.
  • Crystal Palace.
  • The Salty Dawg Saloon.

What are some unique Wild West saloon bar names?

  • LuckyShot.
  • Outlawed.
  • Elk Creek Saloon.
  • Sheriff's Place.

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