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Psychology Firm Name Ideas:


Business Name


1. Rested Minds

Gentle-sounding. For a firm that offers nurturing spaces where clients can unpack their trauma.

2. Staying the Path

Could work well for a clinician(s) who is intentional about providing unconditional positive regard.

3. The Mind Cushion

Suggests that your firm is a safe space. Ideal for a clinician(s) who specializes in trauma.

4. Leaning In

Draws inspiration from Sheryl Sandberg's 2013 title. For a firm that teaches mindfulness, etc.

5. Unbound Minds Clinic

Synonymous with mental freedom and progress. Could work well for those who treat addictions.

6. Getting Grounded

An alliterative name that emphasizes the work needed to make mental strides.

7. Psychology For All

For a practice that promotes inclusion, regardless of personal features or socioeconomic status.

8. MindCheq

Or even "Mind Check." Indicates that clients will be able to connect with themselves.

9. Gentle Blooming

A memorable name that's synonymous with personal growth.

10. Wholesome Parenting

For a family-centered firm that equips parents to function at their best.

Counseling Business Names

Trustworthy and professional name ideas for your counseling business.

More Psychology Firm Name Ideas:

Catchy Psychology Practice Names:

  • Soulful Sessions.
  • Mind & Body Medics.
  • Red Health House.
  • Mental Life Now.
  • Psychology Of Peace.

Cool Psychology Firm Names:

  • Mindfully & Co.
  • Theraplan.
  • Inner Peace Recovery.
  • Clear In Spirit.
  • ReconnectSelf.

Memorable Psychology Firm Names:

  • Theratto.
  • Restful Road.
  • Neuradial.
  • Clear-Minded Clinic.
  • Solace & Wellness.

Interesting Psychology Business Names:

  • TruZen Mindfulness.
  • Clear Minds.
  • Resetting Psych.
  • Affinity Healing.
  • The Counseling Guru.

Good Psychology Company Names:

  • True Health.
  • The Psychology Talk.
  • Mind Reflections.
  • The Mindful Flow.
  • Spiritual Cycle.

Creative Psychology Practice Names:

  • Psylite.
  • OneMind Therapies.
  • The Sage Reader.
  • Life Renewed.
  • Refueling Minds.

Great Psychology Clinic Names:

  • Focus Minds Therapy.
  • Honest Healing.
  • Truly New Psychic.
  • The Mind Mentor.
  • LifeCoach Classes.

Professional Mental Health Clinic Names:

  • The Mood Shift.
  • Deep Logic.
  • Hope Again Therapy.
  • Zen Free.
  • Inner Calm.

Sport Psychology Business Names:

  • The Psych Shield.
  • MindGoal.
  • Tackling Talks.
  • The Player's Psychology.
  • Serene Score.

Inventive Mental Health Therapy Practice Names:

  • Hope In An Hour.
  • Hear-A-Psych.
  • Calmness Now Therapy.
  • Mentally You.
  • Restonic Center.


How do I choose a name for my psychology firm?

  1. Round up your psychology firm name options.
  2. Weed out ones that aren't congruent with your values or your approach(es) to treatment.
  3. Ask some trusted coworkers and friends what they think of each remaining name.
  4. Review your feedback and select a few crowd favorites.
  5. Set your picks aside for a while and wait to see what grows on you.
  6. Check if the name is up for grabs.

What should I name my psychology firm?

Opt for a name that captures your range of offerings while remaining true to your brand's tone of voice. See our collection of psychology firm names for ideas or use our business name generator to create your own.

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