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Middle Eastern Restaurant Name Ideas:


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1. Hummus Palace

Hummus is a staple of Middle Eastern cuisine, so this name is a great fit.

2. Beirut Buffet

Ideal for a Lebanese-themed restaurant. The alliteration also makes it memorable.

3. Mid East Feast

Ideal for a restaurant that serves a wide variety of Middle Eastern cuisine.

4. Middle Eastern Flavors

A broad enough name to encompass Middle Eastern foods from across the region.

5. Fresh Olive

Olives are central to Middle Eastern food and culture, so this name makes sense.

6. Authentic Falafel

Fitting for a Middle Eastern restaurant that specializes in falafels.

7. Turkish Delight

A clever name for a Turkish restaurant that also refers to the name of the famous Turkish candy.

8. Ancient Flavors

The Middle East has a rich history, which makes this name so fitting.

9. Jerusalem House

The perfect name for an Israeli restaurant. You'll surely attract your target market.

10. Everything Kebab

A catchy name for a Middle Eastern restaurant that serves kebabs.

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More Middle Eastern Restaurant Business Name Ideas:

Good Middle Eastern Restaurant Names:

  • Feast Khalifa.
  • Authentically Syrian.
  • Kofta Kings.
  • Papa Ghanoush.
  • Hummus Heaven.

Catchy Middle Eastern Restaurant Names:

  • The Bahrain Kitchen.
  • Dolma Deluxe.
  • The Middle East Feast.
  • My Turkish Place.
  • Maram Restaurant.

Cool Middle Eastern Restaurant Names:

  • Bistro Baklava.
  • Turkish Hot Pot.
  • My Favorite Falafel.
  • Cafe Manakeesh.
  • The Tabbouleh Table.

Great Middle Eastern Restaurant Names:

  • The Falafel Fix.
  • The Shawarma Room.
  • Taste Egypt.
  • Fattoush Feast.
  • Shish Tawook Chefs.


What should I include in a Middle Eastern restaurant name?

If your Middle Eastern restaurant serves cuisines from a specific country or region within the Middle East, you should include a reference to that in the name to help your restaurant stand out. Use our business name generator to help you come up with name ideas.

Where can I find some Middle Eastern restaurant name ideas?

You can peruse our list of Middle Eastern restaurant name ideas for inspiration.

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