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Islamic Business Name Ideas:


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1. Fiery Iman

Celebrate your faith, or "Iman," with this cool name idea for an Islamic business.

2. High Deen

This Islamic name idea promotes the belief of a Muslim in a unique way.

3. Shahadah

"Shahadah" is the Islamic profession of faith and makes a great name idea for an Islamic boutique.

4. Practicing Taqwa

Show your piety and consciousness of Allah with this great Islamic name idea.

5. Song of Ibadah

Meaning "song of worship," this is a beautiful name idea for a music business or Islamic book store.

6. Ummah's People

Great name for an Islamic nonprofit organization that works for the "ummah," the "community."

7. Islam Iman

The alliteration on the "I" makes this name idea catchy and memorable.

8. Seerah Stories

An alliterative name idea inspired by the al-Seerat an-Nabawiyyah, the biographies of Muhammad.

9. Beneath The Hadith

This Islamic name idea offers a rhyming quality for a memorable effect ("hadith" is pronounced "ha-deeth").

10. The Kitab Store

A cute, Islamic name idea for a book store. "Kitab" translates to "book." A good Islamic store name.

11. The Islam Way

A catchy name idea to inspire your customers to learn more about the Islamic religion.

12. My Muslim Soul

A beautiful, personalized name idea for your Islamic business venture.

13. The Way To Heaven

This spiritual name idea suits a business that offers classes on the teachings of the Quran.

14. Beautiful Blue

Inspired by the Blue Mosque in Istanbul, this name idea works well for an Islamic specialty store.

15. Eastern Mecca

This Islamic name idea comes from the holiest city in Saudi Arabia and works as a gathering place.

16. The Last Day

One of the six articles of faith, this Islamic name idea suits an Islamic boutique or school.

17. Light & A Message

Great name for a book store or publishing company, inspired by the Quran.

18. Allah's Teachings

A simple name idea for a Quran class that shows your Islamic customers exactly what you do.

19. Sage Al-Hikma

A clever business name that promotes the wisdom and knowledge that can be found in the Quran.

20. FashMecca

This portmanteau combines "fashion" and "Mecca" for a cool name idea for an Islamic clothing store.

Halal Business Names

Memorable names for your halal business.

More Islamic Business Name Ideas:

Attractive Islamic Instagram Page Names:

  • The Jannah Kebab.
  • Day4Deen.
  • Barakah Café.
  • Dunya Projects.
  • Iman's Beauty.

Creative Islamic Brand Names:

  • House of Mahram.
  • Aaliyah's Delights.
  • Ahmed & Salam.
  • Nabi's Scroll.
  • Restaurant Sa'eed.

Beautiful Islamic Business Names:

  • Jameel Glow.
  • The Ummah Retreat.
  • Qamar & Bloom.
  • HayaahFire.
  • The Bayt Chef.

Good Islamic Shop Names:

  • Spice Kaaba.
  • Zakah's Place.
  • Soothe Awrah.
  • Words o' Caliph.
  • Dawah Forever.

Great Islamic Boutique Names:

  • The Jayid Clothier.
  • Beauty of 'Ukht.
  • Habibi Fashion.
  • Tifl Mecca.
  • The Tawadue Shop.

Catchy Islamic Company Names:

  • The Playful 'Atfal.
  • Tree Of Islam.
  • Sweet 'Aa'ilah.
  • The Green Hadiqa.
  • Sukar & Laban.


How can I come up with the best Islamic business names?

  1. Review your business plan and how you want to portray your brand.
  2. Write down applicable keywords.
  3. Consider stories, ideals, and teachings from the Quran that fit your business ideals and note the keywords.
  4. Combine your keywords manually or with a Islamic name generator.
  5. Shortlist your favorite names and ask for feedback.
  6. Choose the best name.

What makes a business name Islamic?

Islamic business names are inspired by the Islamic or Muslim religion. They may use Arabic words, ideals from the Quran, or the stories of Muhammad for inspiration.

What organizations have Islamic names?

  • Hemsah.
  • Ijara Community Development Corporation.
  • Al-Inshirah Islamic Center.
  • Masjid International Wahadah.

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