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Arabic Business Name Ideas:

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Arabic logo for a business called Desert Fashion. Edit

أزياء الصحراء

Description: with most of the Arabic-speaking nations living in and around the deserts of the world, this name idea is relatable and tells the customer a lot about the type of clothes they can expect from this business.

Arabic logo for a business called Authentic Falafel. Edit

فلافل أصلية

Description: this business name is a clear indication that your restaurant or food truck specializes in this Middle Eastern dish and that customers can expect the real deal, not a Westernized version of the dish. A strong name idea for an authentic business.

Arabic logo for a business called Zatar Oven. Edit

فرن زعتر

Description: "Za'atar," a Middle Eastern spice blend, shows your love of authentic cuisine and tells customers what to expect.

Arabic logo for a business called Tabouleh Garden. Edit

حديقة التبولة

Description: the combination of this Lebanese salad, tabouleh, and "Garden" brings to mind picnicking in a lush area with the scent of flowers, the sound of birds, and the flavors of mint and lemon enveloping your senses. A beautiful name for a food tour company.

Arabic logo for a business called Arabian Vegan. Edit

نباتي عربي

Description: vegan meals can be hard to find, so advertising your restaurant's niche in your business name is a solid marketing strategy. The addition of "Arabian" hints at your flavors and can lend itself to design and decorating options.

Arabic logo for a business called Beirut Beauty. Edit

بيروت للتجميل

Description: "Beauty" hints at a business focused on appearance, whether that's makeup, skincare, hair, accessories, or clothing, making this a versatile business name to suit a range of businesses. The addition of "Beirut" hints at the trends and styles on offer.

Arabic logo for a business called Arabian Carpets. Edit

السجاد العربي

Description: traditional Middle Eastern carpet weaving is known for its quality and beauty, so aligning your business name with this tradition creates an enticing appeal.

Arabic logo for a business called Riyadh Laundromat. Edit

مغسلة الرياض

Description: in this business name idea, "Riyadh" can show the location of your laundromat, but, as it means "garden" or "meadows," it can also hint that your laundromat services will leave customers' clothing smelling like a meadow of flowers.

Arabic logo for a business called Club Dubai. Edit

نادي دبي

Description: a short and sweet name idea that conveys ideas of sun, relaxation, and party vibes. Dubai is known for its wealth and pristine beaches, so this business name idea suits a beach bar or exclusive club for the wealthy.

Arabic logo for a business called Damascus Dermatology. Edit

دمشق الجلدية

Description: the alliteration of this business name aids in brand memorability, while the use of your location in your business name helps potential customers using search engines to find your business.

Arabic logo for a business called Golden Shawarma. Edit

شاورما ذهبي

Description: this to-the-point name idea points out your business niche, while the use of "Golden" highlights the quality of the food on offer.

Arabic logo for a business called Desert's Desserts. Edit

حلوى الصحراء

Description: combining two commonly confused words is a fun, tongue-in-cheek way to get your business recognized and remembered! The use of "Desert" in your business name highlights the cuisine focus of your desserts.

Arabic logo for a business called Arabian Jeweler. Edit

الجواهري العربي

Description: "Arabian" brings to mind the One Thousand and One Nights tales and hints in particular at the story of Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves, giving your jewelry store a glamorous mystique and suggesting a treasure trove of jewels to be discovered.

Arabic logo for a business called Desert Tours. Edit

رحلات الصحراء

Description: this tour company name is obviously located in a desert region, highlighting the niche and location to customers and lending itself to great logo design options, such as this image of palm trees under a hot sun.

Arabic logo for a business called Dunes Dietician. Edit

اختصاصي تغذية الكثبان الرملية

Description: making your business niche clear in your name is always a good idea for marketing and for helping potential new customers locate your business. The alliteration also helps with brand memorability.

Arabic logo for a business called Middle Eastern Motors. Edit

الشرق الأوسط للسيارات

Description: this business name idea not only shows the general location of your auto business, but also uses alliteration to aid with brand memorability. Highlighting the business niche in the business name with "Motors" offers a lot of logo design opportunities.

Arabic logo for a business called Home of Hummus. Edit

بيت الحمص

Description: "Home" gives your business a personal touch, implying comfort, warmth, and welcome. "Hummus" hints at a restaurant or deli that specializes in Middle Eastern cuisine, while the alliteration is a great marketing technique.

Arabic logo for a business called Halloumi Hut. Edit

حلومي هت

Description: this name idea works with a range of food-related businesses, from food trucks to grocery stores, and highlights this focus with the use of "Halloumi." The addition of "Hut" adds a casual tone to the name that suggests a family-friendly vibe.

Arabic logo for a business called Bahrain Boating. Edit

قوارب البحرين

Description: as Bahrain is an island, it is a great place for a boating business. The alliteration of the business name and use of the location will help customers find your business and remember the name so they can recommend you to others.

Arabic logo for a business called Halal Investments. Edit

الاستثمارات الحلال

Description: "Halal," meaning "lawful" or "permitted," gives your investment firm an extra sense of professionalism and expertise. It also showcases respect for culture and tradition.

Islamic Business Names

Beautiful Islamic name ideas for your business.

More Arabic Business Names Ideas:

Catchy Arabic Business Names:

  • Royal Aramaic.
  • The Al Khaleej Grill.
  • Kobe Supermarket.
  • The Local Bizzar.
  • Hafez Boutique.

Unique Arabic Business Names:

  • Dizia's Place.
  • The Arab Market.
  • All The Shawarma.
  • Sultan's Store Tas.
  • Rishouni.

Creative Arabic Business Names:

  • Bahrain Arman.
  • Nabil Aladdin.
  • Mezgaon.
  • Sharm El Alami.
  • Kha'Zab Factory.

Good Arabic Business Names:

  • Gift Of Khalil Aran.
  • The Fiery Kabob.
  • Armani Bakhsh.
  • Al Habbaou.
  • Saffire Jewelers.

Inspiring Arabic Business Names:

  • Fawaz Palace.
  • Armin Al Quds.
  • Shabwa Lifestyle.
  • Olive Ashar.
  • Khadija's Eatery.

Good Arabic Food Business Names:

  • Ghazale Jewellers.
  • Arabica Aroma.
  • Al-Amana Jewelry.
  • Bahrain Pottery.
  • Ar-Maher House.

Arabic Restaurant Business Names:

  • Beirut Bufih.
  • Zaytun Restaurant.
  • House Manakeesh.
  • Tahini on the Table.
  • Marhaba Cafe.


How can I come up with some Arabic business names?

  1. Brainstorm some potential names.
  2. Think about the best Arabic words for business, as well as concepts related to your Arabic business, target audience, and mission statement.
  3. Try combining words or use a business name generator.
  4. Review and reflect on your list.
  5. Gain feedback.
  6. Check the name's availability.
  7. Secure the name.

What makes a good Arabic business name?

The best Arabic business names will use Arabian-related words inspired by geography, culture, and landmarks, in a catchy and memorable way. Use an Arabic company name generator to find creative business names.

What are some famous Arabic business names?

  • Etihad Airways.
  • Almarai.
  • Al-Jazeera.
  • Emaar.
  • Aramex.

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