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Hebrew Business Name Ideas:


Business Name


1. Tov Talent

An alliterative name that is snappy and easy to remember. "Tov" means "good."

2. Ahshav

Also spelled "achshav" or "akhshav." Means "now" or "immediately." For conveying a sense of urgency.

3. Simcha Spa

"Simcha" means "gladness" or "happiness." Could work well for a spa or wellness retreat.

4. Sababa Fashion

"Sababa" means "cool" or "great." This name is simple, easy to pronounce, and memorable.

5. Aviv Flavor

"Aviv" means "spring." Suitable for a restaurant that serves Middle Eastern fusion foods.

6. L'Chayim Tours

A great name for a travel agency. "L'Chayim" is a toast meaning "to life."

7. Little Haifa

Conjures images of Israel's third-largest city that is a buzzing hub of cultures.

8. Shemesh Tech

"Shemesh" means "sun". This catchy name is suitable for a solar energy startup.

9. Yalla Street Food

"Yalla" is an Arabic word widely used in Hebrew slang to say "let's go."

10. Tikvah

Means "hope." Could work well for a nonprofit organization that helps vulnerable groups.

11. Khalom Retreat

A delightful name for a wellness resort or spa. "Khalom" means "dream."

12. Cafe Israel

An elegantly simple name that will have customers expecting delightfully tasty Israeli cuisine.

13. Ahava Food

A name that simply rolls off the tongue and is easy to remember. "Ahava" means "love."

14. Teva Travel

This catchy name incorporates the Hebrew term for "nature." Ideal for an adventure travel business.

15. How About Hebrew

A catchy name that is suitable for a Hebrew language center.

16. Hafsakah

A term that means "break" or "interruption." Ideal for a food truck or small fast food outlet.

17. Boker Tov Cafe

"Boker tov" means "good morning." Great for a breakfast restaurant.

18. Akko Antiques

For an antique store. Conjures images of the beautiful ancient port city in northwest Israel.

19. Neshama Beauty

"Neshama" means "soul" or "spirit." Could work well for a beauty or cosmetic brand.

20. Bistro Laylah

A lyrical name for a restaurant that means "night" or "dark beauty."

Kosher Restaurant Business Names

Appealing names for a kosher restaurant business.

More Hebrew Business Name Ideas:

Cool Hebrew Biblical Business Names:

  • Shema Co.
  • The Hessed Café.
  • Metzuyan Works.
  • The Rechov Market.
  • Nephesh Healing.

Catchy Hebrew Brand Names:

  • Yamin House.
  • Kayeets Beauty.
  • Taysha & Arbah.
  • RegaLove.
  • Restaurant Hawwah.

Good Hebrew Company Names:

  • Aviv's Gardening Tools.
  • Dream Sderot.
  • House of Ruah.
  • My Shalom Place.
  • The Rosy Ishah.

Clever Hebrew Company Names:

  • Nahash's Nursery.
  • StavGrow.
  • Lev2Lev.
  • Barakah's Gifts.
  • Glow o' Shemesh.

Unique Jewish Company Names:

  • The Emet's Scroll.
  • Zera Photography.
  • Batah Community Projects.
  • Shamayim Rest.
  • Yareakh's Light.


How can I come up with a Hebrew business name?

  1. Make a list of keywords and phrases that describe your Hebrew business.
  2. Combine words to create name ideas.
  3. Use a Hebrew business name generator.
  4. Create a shortlist of business name ideas.
  5. Ensure the names are not offensive or culturally insensitive.
  6. Gain feedback from friends and potential customers.
  7. Check name availability and make a choice.

What makes a business name Hebrew?

Hebrew company names might incorporate Hebrew words or their transliterations. A Hebrew business name may also incorporate concepts, terms, or topics that are commonly associated with Israel.

What real-life companies have Hebrew business names?

  • Ahava.
  • Alooma.
  • Gaviti.
  • Hargol Foodtech.
  • Kitov Pharma.

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