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Maritime Company Name Ideas:


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1.North-South Cruise Lines

When starting a cruise line that will cover the globe, consider using the compass directions to indicate that you will operate in both the northern and southern hemispheres. Including the type of maritime business in your name makes it easy for clients to find.

2.PacLanTic Shipping

Three oceans, the Atlantic, Arctic, and Pacific, border the United States. If you plan to operate a shipping company in this region, a mash-up of the oceans you will be sailing will tell clients in which areas you will be delivering consignments.

3.The Fleet

Using this reference to a fleet of ships is a great name for a maritime business of any sort. It indicates that you have more than one vessel and that your business can handle any size of freight.

4.Seagrass Exploration

The deep sea is full of surprises and certainly has natural resources hidden away at the bottom of the ocean. Therefore, this name will be very suitable to indicate that you are an expert in exploring the depths of the sea. Seagrass also represents life and growth.

5.Nautical Express

If you are in the yachting charter business, your name will indicate fast and professional service delivery. "Nautical" represents the type of transportation you will provide to your customers.

6.Seafarers Training Center

All seafarers regularly need to undergo strict training and, therefore, this straightforward name will be easy to remember as it is to the point. The name is inclusive of all maritime industry personnel.

7.On Deck Recruitment

The world of luxury yachts is very competitive, and good staff for this industry is very sought after. The name "On Deck" is suitable for a recruitment agency for the industry and references that your candidates are ready to go. It also references the type of staff you provide.

8.Riding the Waves

When in the business of renting out various vessels such as motorboats and jet skis, this pleasurable name will lure clients. The action-packed name alludes to having fun and adventure in the waves, while it also has an added touch of thrill.

9.Nautical Nomads

In the case of a cruise liner of smaller chartered yachts or boats, using "Nautical Nomads" will be a telling name. It can also be an effective name for a training center for maritime workers.

10.Monocles and Mermaids

This fun name is ideal for a company that offers pleasure rides and day excursions like whale watching or deep-sea diving. The alliteration of the "M" in the name is memorable and adds a sing-song quality to it.

Business Name Generator

Business Name Generator

Enter words related to your business to get started.

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What are some good maritime company names?

  • Seagrass Exploration.
  • North-South Cruise Lines.
  • Riding the Waves.
  • Nautical Nomads.
  • Monocles and Mermaids.

What are some classy maritime company names?

  • On Deck Recruitment.
  • Nautical Express.
  • Seafarers Training Center.
  • The Fleet.
  • PacLanTic Shipping.

What are some a catchy maritime company name ideas?

  • Nautical Nomads.
  • Monocles and Mermaids.
  • On Deck Recruitment.
  • Riding the Waves.
  • Seagrass Exploration.

What are some real-life maritime company names?

  • Maersk.
  • Hapag-Lloyd.
  • Hanjin Shipping America LLC.
  • Evergreen Marine.
  • Hyundai Merchant Marine (HMM).

What do I consider when deciding on a name for my maritime business?

  • Consider the type of service you will provide and see how you can incorporate it into your business name.
  • Choose a name that sounds professional as clients will entrust you with high-priced products and consignments.
  • Ensure that the name can be converted into a logo and other branding material with ease.
  • Make sure the name is easy to pronounce and remember so clients can find you easily.

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