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1. Saltwater Sunscapes

An escape to a place with salt water and sun? Sounds like the perfect holiday destination and a highly descriptive name for a beautiful seaside resort. The repetition of the "S" acts as a mnemonic, while at the same time mimicking the soft sound of a sea breeze as it kisses the sand.

2. Bluewater Voyages

A great name for a cruise promising beautiful views and crystal clear blue waters. "Voyage" is a descriptive word that suggests a longer journey, perhaps filled with adventure. For an extra special touch, name the cruise ship the "Bluewater Voyager."

3. The Barefoot Seahorse

An unusual, somewhat zany business name that may evoke amusing images of a seahorse with feet. A perfect choice for any unorthodox or quirky brand that wants to leave a lasting impact on its clients. The name may resonate with surfers, young adults, or anyone else who values freedom and comfort.

4. Red Tide Adventures

Anyone who's vaguely familiar with the ocean will know how dangerous red tide is, so this name is sure to attract daredevils and thrill-seekers alike. A great choice for a watersports equipment retailer or a place that offers experiences in shark cage diving, cave diving, parasailing, and more.

5. Capture the Sunset

A name that calls to mind romantic, picturesque sunsets. "Capture" may hint at great photo opportunities and attract those who "do it for the gram." This name is suitable for a sunset cruise, upmarket restaurant, or even an oceanside bar.

6. My Ocean Eats

A fantastic name for a meal kit delivery service focused on seafood specialties such as sushi, smoked fish, pre-cooked seafood, and similar products. "My" may indicate a personalized service, with customizable kits and menu options to suit different tastes. Works great for a kid-friendly brand.

7. Saltwater Glow

A name that calls to mind the beautiful bronze glow one might develop after spending some time in the "saltwater" at the beach. A descriptive name for a skincare range that fortifies its products with minerals from the Dead Sea. An icon comprising glowing ocean waves would work well for this name.

8. Reef Explorers Dive Tour

A simple business name that tells customers more about your offerings. This name is sure to attract tourists, but may also grab the attention of locals who are curious about taking a "dive tour." To be even more descriptive, add your location — the city or even a specific reef — to the name.

9. Bright Dream Snorkel Co.

A name inspired by the breathtaking underwater seascapes seen on National Geographic. "Bright Dream" conjures unreal images of kelp forests beneath the ocean's surface, and of a world waiting for hungry explorers. A captivating choice for a company that offers once in a lifetime snorkel experiences.

10. Red Shark Reef

A name that may attract customers who like flirting with danger. This would make for an edgy diving gear or surf brand. Would also be perfect for a school that teaches the art of shark cage diving or specializes in other extreme watersports. A red and black color scheme pairs well with this name.

11. Aloha Sea Breeze

"Aloha" is suggestive of island getaways and poolside Mai Tais. A fantastic choice for a store where you can purchase all the essentials for a relaxing seaside vacation. Would also work for an island cruise that ends in Hawaii. A flowing font on a surfboard icon would work well as a logo.

12. Blue Manta Snorkel

Unlike stingrays, manta rays are quite harmless, making this a great name for a snorkel center that caters to kids and less experienced swimmers. A memorable name for a program at the aquarium where people can practice their snorkel skills in a safe, nurturing environment.

13. Sea Wolf Safety Club

An evocative name for a lifeguard training & certification center. "Sea Wolf" adds a fearsome element to the profession, implying that people who complete this training program will have attained the strength and agility of a predator. Younger lifeguards will of course be referred to as "Sea Pups."

14. Ocean Krazy

This multiuse business name is ideal for brands and companies that offer something different compared to industry competitors. A suitable name for an energy drink brand, clothing label, or a makeup palette containing shades of blue and gold that mirror the ocean's colors.

15. Sunset Shrimp Club

A sunset and shrimp club is arguably something most people would want a membership for. Whether you're located on the beachfront or serving up shrimp cocktails on a luxury cruise ship, with a name like this, you'll never be short of customers.

16. Saddle & Shrimp

A playful reference to "surf and turf," except you aren't serving up the horses, but riding them! A perfect name for a horseback riding lodge located near the ocean, where riders can enjoy a seafood spread after a long day filled with adventure.

17. The Captain's Reef

Imagine a one of a kind restaurant that was once an abandoned shipwreck, located near a reef that the captain of the said ship still haunts. While patrons enjoy a seafood feast, a talented host or hostess will enthrall them with ghost stories. The name is also ideal for a reef adventure business.

18. Bait & Salt

A simple, memorable name for a no-frills beach shack eatery offering a range of local seafood dishes at prices that don't break the bank. The name also implies seafood that has been freshly salted and prepared. "B&S" would make a memorable logo, especially if printed on a stylized fish icon.

19. The Salt Trap

A play on "thirst trap," this eatery will certainly be a hit with the younger generation. A promising name for an up-and-coming hipster seafood joint where you can enjoy an array of Instagrammable seafood creations, from chowders and poke bowls, to skewered shrimps and oyster platters.

20. Bait the Bae

A fantastic, cheeky name for ocean-themed online dating app that helps watersport enthusiasts find their perfect match. Once potential "baes" have taken the "bait," the final step is to reel them in. This name could also be tailored to a perfume brand promising to attract potential partners.

Ocean Business Names

Cool ocean-inspired name ideas for your business.

More Marine Business Name Ideas:

Great Marine Company Names:

  • Golden Shore Co.
  • 1000 Seas & More.
  • Blue Sail Journeys.
  • Swordfish Boating.
  • Seafarer's Bay.

Catchy Marine Business Names:

  • The Slippery Eel.
  • Mystical Mermaid.
  • Oh Shucks.
  • Ocean’s Favorites.
  • The Krazy Krakens.

Good Marine Business Names:

  • All Things Sea.
  • Gull’s Nest.
  • Ocean Blue Shells.
  • The Blowhole.
  • Fins & Things.

Unique Marine Business Names:

  • Merman’s Locker.
  • The Fish DeBait.
  • Aquascala.
  • Subs & Chips.
  • Jelly & Fish.

Cool Marine Engineering Business Names:

  • Shipshape Systems.
  • Pacific Engineers Co.
  • Boat Afloat.
  • 7C Solutions.
  • Neptune Engineering.


How do I name my marine business?

  1. Brainstorm some potential names.
  2. Think about words and concepts related to your business, target audience and mission statement.
  3. Try combining words or use a business name generator.
  4. Review and reflect on your list.
  5. Gain feedback.
  6. Check name availability.
  7. Secure the name.

Where can I find ideas for my marine business name?

NameSnack is a business name generator that you can use to create hundreds of marine-inspired business names with just a few keywords. Have a look at a few examples we created using NameSnack.

What are some existing marine business names?

  • Reef.
  • Rip Curl.
  • Oceano Azure.
  • BondiBlu.
  • Aloha Surfboards.

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