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Henna Business Name Ideas:


Business Name


1. Body Mehndi

"Mehndi" is the Indian term for henna and is used in this trendy name to showcase your services.

2. The Soul Art

Inspire customers to celebrate their spiritual selves with this beautiful name idea.

3. Mehendi Motif

The alliteration on the "M" makes this a memorable name idea for your henna tattooing business.

4. Dramatic Henna

A short, to-the-point name idea that will entice customers.

5. The Mehendi Style

A trendy name idea for your fashion-forward henna business.

6. Henna Fashion

Help customers to easily find your business with this simple but stylish name idea.

7. The Fine Mandala

Highlight the intricate details and work involved in henna tattooing with this smooth name idea.

8. Mehendi Soul

Appeal to customers' appreciation for beautiful designs and Indian style with this gorgeous name.

9. Hand Mandalas

A trendy name idea that offers great logo design opportunities.

10. My Henna Spirit

"My" familiarizes this name idea for the customers of your henna business.

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More Henna Business Name Ideas:

Unique Henna Business Names:

  • Sunrise Spirit Art.
  • Dream Daze Henna.
  • Posh Posh Art.
  • MeHennaVida.
  • Desert Butterfly Art.

Catchy Henna Business Names:

  • Hennargy.
  • Serenity Henna House.
  • Wild West Tattoo.
  • The New Soulistry.
  • True Heaven Henna.

Cool Henna Business Names:

  • Mehndi Desert Tattoo.
  • Ooh La La Hands.
  • Leila's Desert Art.
  • MeHenna Bizarre.
  • SpiritHenna.

Great Henna Tattoo Business Names:

  • Karma & Luck Henna.
  • Luna's Temptation.
  • The Hennequin.
  • Blue Leaf Creations.
  • Mehndi Art Designs.

Fun Henna Business Names:

  • Henna Me Wow.
  • Desert Art Nouveau.
  • Henna House.
  • Arabian Tats.
  • Henna What I Mean.

Great Henna Artist Business Names:

  • The Desert Inker.
  • The Arabian Rose.
  • Henna Hands.
  • Moon Valley Artistry.
  • The Desert Rose.

Good Mehndi Business Names:

  • Wandering Lotus Art.
  • Mehndi Madness.
  • Desert Love Studio.
  • Mehndi & Mascara.
  • Unique Skin Art.

Catchy Mehndi Business Names:

  • Mehndi Mansion.
  • Desert Art Designs.
  • Mehndi & Me.
  • Sinful Rose Artistry.
  • Mehndi Tats.


What should I name my henna business?

Opt for a name that captures your range of offerings while remaining true to your brand's tone of voice. See our collection of henna business names for ideas or use a business name generator to create your own.

How do I choose a henna business name?

  1. Research the industry and your top competitors and compile a list of keywords.
  2. Think about your ideal customer and add related keywords to your list.
  3. Combine your keywords manually or use a business name generator.
  4. Shortlist your favorite henna or mehndi company names and check their availability.
  5. Ask friends and family for feedback on your top names.
  6. Register the name.

What are some real-life henna business names?

  • Beachcombers Henna Studio & Supply.
  • The Original Henna Company.
  • Kaleidoscope Arts Face Painting and Henna.
  • Arva Henna Artist.
  • Karissima.

What are some different names for henna?

  • Heena.
  • Mehndi.
  • Smooth Lawsonia.
  • Al-henna.
  • Henne.
  • Al-Khanna.
  • Jamaica mignonette.

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