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Tattoo Removal Business Name Ideas:


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1.Bad Mistakes Tattoo Removal

Conveys honesty. Clients who seek tattoo removal services, likely made a mistake getting the tattoo.

2.Inkstain Vanish

"Stain" suggests experts will be able to remove your ink as easily as they would a common stain.

3.Inkspill Removal

"Inkspill" downplays the arduous nature of tattoo removal. May draw clients who are undecided.

4.Faded AF Tattoo Removal

A punchy name. Great for an edgy tattoo removal spa.

5.Melted Memories Ink Removal

Repetition of the "M" aids memorability. "Melt" may hint at the slow nature of tattoo removal.

6.Erase Regret

Tattoos may be linked to memories best forgotten, and this name references that sentiment.

7.Ink Rethink Tattoo Clinic

A catchy name that suggests tattoo removal shouldn't be a decision you agonize over.

8.Unwanted Ink

A descriptive name. No longer want your ink? Just have these professionals remove it for you.

9.Baby Skin Tattoo Removal

Calls to mind images of soft, supple, renewed skin. Suggests scarless tattoo removal.

10.Clear Regret

Powerful & descriptive. Suggests starting over or wiping the slate clean.

11.Begone Ink

A great name with an old-world feel. The word "begone" commands potential clients to take action.

12.Inkspill Magic

These tattoo removal experts are so good, they must be using sorcery to erase tattoos!

Business Name Generator

Business Name Generator

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Tattoo Business Names

10 captivating name ideas for your tattoo business.


What are some unique names for tattoo removal businesses?

  • Bad Mistakes Tattoo Removal.
  • Inkstain Vanish.
  • Inkspill Removal.
  • Faded AF Tattoo Removal.
  • Erase Regret.

What are some cool names for tattoo removal businesses?

  • Ink Rethink Tattoo Clinic.
  • Unwanted Ink.
  • Baby Skin Tattoo Removal.
  • Clear Regret.
  • Inkspill Magic.

What are some memorable tattoo removal business names?

  • Clear Sorcery.
  • Melted Memories Ink Removal.
  • Regret Removal.
  • Old Mistake.
  • Pure Lighten Tattoo Removal.

How do I name my tattoo removal business?

  • Consider the removal methods you will offer, the clientele you want to draw, and the overall vibe of removal clinic/service.
  • Analyze existing names of tattoo removal clinics.
  • Try combining keywords or using a business name generator.
  • Share your top names with potential clients.
  • Register your best name.

What are some names of existing tattoo removal businesses?

  • Bare Tattoo & Hair Removal.
  • Lighten Up Laser Clinic.
  • Disappearing Ink Laser Tattoo Removal.
  • Smart Laser.
  • Ctrl+Alt+Del Tattoo Removal & Lightening.

What are some good laser tattoo removal business names?

  • Inkspill Removal.
  • Begone Ink.
  • Unwanted Ink.
  • Ink Rethink Tattoo Clinic.

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