Face painting businesses are synonymous with playfulness, imagination, and childlike wonder. To be successful, you'll want your business name to reflect these great qualities but still remain sophisticated and easy to remember. Read through our list of fun and modern name suggestions for your face painting business.Co

Face Painting Business Names:

RankBusiness NameDescription
1.Mask PartyA clever, fun name for those who are able to transform a face. "Party" also attracts event planners.
2.Super PaintA wonderful choice for a superhero face painter or a business that sells quality face paint.
3.Splatter FaceThis fun name cleverly references the way paint splatters everywhere. Offers cool marketing inspo.
4.The Paint CreativeSounds sophisticated and alluring. Could look great in a playful and bold font.
5.GoPrincessA pretty name that's aimed at little girls hoping to transform into a princess for birthday parties.
6.My Birthday CreativeLabels you as a birthday party face painter with a broad imagination. Great for expansion ideas.
7.ComiCostumeA unique, niche-inspired combination of the words "comic" & "costume." Great for comic book artists.
8.Mask SuperheroThis is a smart, trendy, and marketable name. Well-suited for superhero face painters.
9.Party PaintPunchy and evocative. Effortlessly rolls off the tongue thanks to the use of alliteration.
10.Costume FaceA simple name that is sure to attract your target market. Ideally for professional costume artists.
11.My Face Artist"My" familiarizes the name, adding a sense of reliability. "Artist" sounds elegant and trustworthy.
12.Fun BusinessThis professional name offers ample room for business expansion & hints that you're experts in fun.

How to Name an Events Business

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Costume Business Names

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What are some creative face painting business names?

  • ComiCostume.
  • Super Paint.
  • Splatter Face.
  • My Face Artist.
  • Fun Business.

What are some catchy face painting business names?

  • Party Paint.
  • GoPrincess.
  • Mask Party.
  • ComiCostume.
  • Costume Face.

What should I name my face painting business?

  • My Face Artist.
  • The Paint Creative.
  • My Birthday Creative.
  • Mask Superhero.
  • Fun Business.

How do I choose a name for my face painting business?

  • Consider your niche, competitors, target market, and business expansion plans.
  • Identify keywords that describe your brand.
  • Use online surveys and polls.
  • Use NameSnack for inspiration.
  • Ask friends and family for advice.
  • Perform a name availability search.
  • Choose a marketable and fun name.

What are some established face painting business names?

  • Sister Act Face Painting.
  • Artistic Impressions Face Painting.
  • Just Face iT.
  • Balloons Face Painting.

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